World Give Day

Give Forward is hosting a blog with a series of posts on World GIve Day.  One day a year to give to the causes that you care about the most.  

The prompt is: “Small gift, big impact: tell us about a time when you saw a small act of giving create lots of unexpected joy.”

Fred and I give to a variety of things but the thing that we really care about and have focused on is NYC.  We have sat or sit on the boards of NYU, the High Line, Academy for Software Engineering, Donors Choose, MOUSE and Hot Bread Kitchen.  All of these organizations impact the community we live in.  The long tail (we hope) is that these organizations will impact other places around the globe and peoples lives. 

I have been fortunate to meet several women around the globe that are making an impact in peoples lives and their own communities.  I wrote about Mathylde Frontus a few weeks ago and felt great when I wrote a check out to Urban Neighborhood Services to help her organization continue the good work. I have also written about Give Forward, Catchafire, Dress for Success/Do Something/Crisis Text Line, Deal Gooder, Goods4Goods and Baking for Good.  Each of these organizations have powerhouse women behind them doing social good. 

Another woman I wrote about awhile ago was Sally Broom.  Sally wrote to me this past week about an organization that she is passionate about called Charity Gift Market, where every gift has a story.  This marketplace is social entrepreneurship at its best.  Each object you can purchase at this site tells a story of the person or organization that made the product from around world and how your purchase goes towards the charity that made it.  True entrepreneurs at work.  Making products for revenue that support their mission. 

Here is one that Sally sent me that I thought was a great example of where to put your dollars for a gift for anyone or Mothers Day.  What is most impressive is how the Internet has changed the way we can give, purchase and make a difference in others lives. 

Fatima has emerged as a mentor at Bead Amigas, a charity in rural Nicaragua, by possessing a great artistic eye and being focused. Although Fatima's husband holds a regular job, the slim wages he earns working in the fields do not go far for a family of six. In addition to their two young sons, Fatima's niece and grandfather also live in their two bedroom home. Since selling her jewelry with Bead Amigas, Fatima has been able to save enough money to build an addition onto her home, purchase a refrigerator and start a small store. With the help of business classes, her store is now flourishing as the only place within miles that offers cold beverages and frozen meats. Her biggest dream – and one that is now possible with Bead Amigas – is for her children to be able to continue going to school and be successful. 
Alick is an orphaned boy from the streets of Malawi, Africa. Poverty and the AIDS pandemic destroyed his family and cast him to begging in the streets for survival. Thankfully, UrbanPromise International is now providing for all of Alick's needs. A home, hot meals, and encouragement to attend school everyday has turned Alick's life around and has provided hope. Through the sale of bracelets and necklaces to raise additional funds for their schooling fees, the boys at the SafeHaven Orphanage have taken control of their lives and futures.
On Sunday, May 13th, mothers all over the world will be honored. Whether it is a time to hug and say 'thank you', or a moment of remembrance, Mother's Day is a day we all celebrate. This year, CharityGiftMarket is where you can now shop for a beautiful gift and support a charity; a gift that can connect you and your mother to a mother like Fatima; a gift that will not only brighten your mother's day but can provide a brighter future for a child like Alick. Visit to shop for gifts Made by Moms, for gifts that showMotherly Love, and gifts that Any Mother Would Love.  Make this Mother's Day special!
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  1. 3nomorepastrami3

    For some time now I have been trying e spend more purposefully and buy gifts and products that give back – while writing a blog in Australia ( I have been amazed and how many options there are for Amercians to use their shopping to give back – grab the opportunity with both credit cards you guys! The potential to give back is just so great and can have so much impact.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Americans are taught at a young age the importance of giving back. It is really one of the gems of our culture

  2. Mbmarkelz

    Awesome site!!