Copenhagen, Day 5

Today was a one event day.  We took a train out to the Louisiana Museum.  One of the most amazing modern museums.  Set on top of the cliffs overlooking Sweden.  That is Sweden across the water. 

The grounds are spectacular.  There are several buildings that connect with each other that almost fade into the scenery.  See the Richard Serra.

Calder sculpture. 

There were a few exhibits including their permanent installation when we were there.  Pink Caviar was my favorite.  Art acquired by the museum over the past 3 years from paintings, sculpture, video, etc. These microphones amplified sound from the photography on the other wall of a bunch of kids singing.

Kids singing
Here they are. 

Elliot hundley
Elliott Hundley, mixed media.

Tal r
Tal R., Blind Date

Anselm kiefer
Anselm Kiefer.  One of my faves.

Em and I went into the permanent exhibit of Yayoi Kusama.  So cool.  We saw an exhibit of her work at the Tate about a month ago in London. 

Olafar ellison
Olafur Elliasson

Giacometti.   Lots of his work in the permanent exhibit. 

The photos don't do the place justice.  A must see. 



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  1. Penny

    HI again. So glad you liked Louisiana and Ruby’s… there really is no other museum like Louisiana. My husband and I both agreed San Francisco needs a Ruby’s. There must be an old Victorian here that needs to be transformed. We rented an apartment a block from Ruby’s… I can give you the owner’s info next time you go to Copenhagen. Have a safe trip back!

    1. Gotham Gal

      we all need a ruby’s. i just love that place!