Mazzo, Amsterdam

We got to Amsterdam in the early evening.  We got to our hotel and made our way out to dinner.  We are staying at L'Europe.  A really nice hotel.  Not in the most ideal location but the city is small enough that nothing is not that far to walk to.  We were supposed to have dinner at one restaurant but somehow the reservation was never made.  The concierge chose to come up with a restaurant for us which he told us about on our way out.  Needless to say, I was not a happy girl.  We take where we eat on vacation very seriously. 

We quickly regrouped and got a reservation at Mazzo for 1015. 

The walk over to the restaurant was beautiful.  The canals are romantic and certainly the area over where Mazzo is is an area you would want to live in.  Mazzo is an Italian restaurant.  Hip vibe.  I started with an asparagus salad with shaved cheese. Josh and Fred opted for the classic caprese salad.

Jess had something off the antipasti menu, tuna wrapped around crab, avacado with a citrus seasoning.

The table split the bruschette.  Scrambled egg and truffle.  Decadent and delicious.

For dinner I had the ribeye with caponata.

Fred had the carbonara

Josh had the breaded veal cutlet with egg and truffle.  Jess had another antipasti.  Josh ordered the best.  They like truffles here.

We walked home and back to the hotel after literally being the last person to leave Mazzo.  A nice start to Amsterdam. 

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  1. CCjudy

    whats in the Caprese between tomatoes? Looks like gefilte fish..