Media Cab Lab

In an area of the town where there are small apartments buildings upon apartment buildings that all look the same is a building that must have been a school at one point.  There is now an auditorium and other facilities but the coolest part is that they have turned an old science lab into a restaurant. 

You walk into the building and see this guy, then turn left. 

The place is so cool.  About a 30 minute walk from our hotel which we took on the way back.  Just a fyi, every table it always set with two forks and two knives. 

We began with some super briny luscious oysters.

Thinly sliced carpaccio topped with a radish salad.  Really flavorful and light.

Charred pieces of sliced kangaroo with tiny pieces of pumpkin.  Very Aussie.

Risotto ball
Deep fried tomato risotto balls with mozzarella inside and a small salad on the side.  Very Italian.

Branzino covered with a brown lobster sauce roasted potatoes and a mixture of veggies on the side.

Dense eggplant parmesean.

Sliced duck over root vegetable mash with a rhubarb compote. 

The food was well prepared and good.  The place was just very cool.  We loved it.