Paris, a full day

It is absurdly hot today.  Not the norm for Paris.  We had the gritty feeling you get after walking around a city all day.  Breakfast was near our hotel.  We have been there before.  Not a fan and made it clear we won't return.  It is a breakfast at a big hotel right near the Opera House.  You just don't need to have bad bread or bad coffee in Paris. I think I am also leaning towards returning to stay on the left bank.

Jumped on the Metro to go over to the Marais.  One of my fave neighborhoods.  I love this subway stop.

This is a photo from the top of the Pompidou.  Definitely one of the best modern art museums. 

The permanent collection is top but yesterday we went to the Gerhard Richter exhibit.  The combination of one of my favorite artists in one of my favorite museums in one of my favorite cities was a highlight.  Richter has such a depth of work that it is hard to believe that all of the work came from the same person.  Here are a few highlights.

This particular piece is dear to my heart.  Years ago, I'd say 1999ish maybe 2000, I was at a gallery looking at some work with Fred.  Fred didn't love the work so while he was talking with the gallerist I started poking around the back where there was always slots filled with art.  I pulled out one of these pieces and said that this I really liked.  The gallerist said that I pulled out the most expensive piece in the entire gallery.  It was a Gerhard Richter and one of his clients was looking for a buyer in the secondary market.  It was pricey then but is probably worth 12X that price today.

Another piece.


Walked to the store Merci.  A concept store in the Marais.  There is a cafe, mens and womens clothes, items for your home, bathroom, etc.  They do a great job.  I picked up a few items.

Lunch was one of the places we always go to when we are in Paris.  A tiny Japanese restaurant located in the Marche des Enfants Rouge.  There are a bunch of different cafes and places to shop there but we always go to the same one.  I am not even sure I know the name but we love it there.

After lunch we walked into the Musee Carnavalet dedicated to the history of Paris.  There is an exhibit of Eugene Atgets work there right now.   He documented Parisian life in the late 1800's and early 1900's. What is crazy about the photos is except for the people nothing looks much different than today. 

Returned to our neck of town and hopped into Heimstone.  The store in the 6th is much better so just to keep that in mind.

Back to the hotel to chill…

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  1. John Best

    ” You just don’t need to have bad bread or bad coffee in Paris.”Amen.

  2. CCjudy

    Do you own a Richter? He is the most valuable art one can buy now

    1. Gotham Gal

      I don’t but wish I bought one years ago when the prices were much lower

      1. CCjudy

        if only we had a crystal ball..