Restaurant Geist, Copenhagen

For our first night in Copenhagen we had dinner at Geist.  The place has a very cool vibe.  It is located underneath this passage to the right.  Kind of sets the tone.

These lights hang through out the restaurant over certain tables.  There are a few booths covered with a grey felt, a wood floor and steel bars.  Just from the look of this photo above you get a feel for the place.  Very neutral yet groovy and cool at the same time.  I might have loved the decor and feel more than the food. 

The food is tapas style.  The first half of the menu is smaller portions and the second half is larger portions.  You can mix and match, share, or whatever you want.  Definitely interesting concept but everything just tasted a little flat.  I started with the avocado with rossini caviar.  Thinly sliced pieces of avocado covered in an almond oil and a dollop of caviar on top. 

Someone else had the cauliflower with black truffle.  Looks beautiful.  Thinly sliced pieces of raw cauliflower over a black truffle sauce.  The sauce just didn't absorb into the caufilower so the flavor was just not that interesting.

Underneath this foam is a poached egg with tiny shrimps and some rice.  Interesting concept but there is no edge in flavor.

The mains are a tad bit larger in the size.  Green peas that are mixed together with chopped spinach and samphire which is an herb.  Would have been best as a side dish.

Raw fried black lobster with tomatoes.  Great presentation of tomatoes but missing something.

Quail with wild asparagus and nasturtium.  This was the best thing.  Small pieces of quail (off the bone) mixed with crisp pieces of wild asparagus and some greens. 

Thinly sliced pieces of heart of lamb in a ginger, lime, soy and sesame dressing.  Interesting.

Dessert, why not.  We split everything.  Some strange some good.  Salted cream toffee. Weird textures.

Dayold bread with milk chocolate.

Aromatic banana tart with white chocolate

Air in air in air tiramisu. The air in air thing kind of defines the dessert.

We had a great time.  Love this place but as I said didn't love the food.  Would go back for a drink in a second.