S.H.E. Summit

June 21 Remarkable Women's Evening 060112 JPGWomen are leading the charge these days.  More women entrepreneurs, more articles pointing to discrimination against women and women doing something about it, more events centered around women, more opportunities as a whole for women of all ages.  It is as if the curtain was drawn back and it is ok to be a woman…a leader, a mother, an entrepreneur, a rebel rouser, whatever.  Women seem to feel stronger as a group and you can feel it on the streets like the pounding of high heels on the pavement.

I met with Claudia Chan the other day to talk about an event she is putting on.  Claudia has been an entrepreneur bootstrapping her own business since graduating from college.  Her next move is just an evolution in her career.  She is putting on a conference in NYC around women. 

The event is called the S.H.E. Summit.  It is a week of women's event happening around the city hoping to inspire women at every level from work, exercise, mentorship, motherhood and everything in between.  She hopes that the success of this will able her to roll this concept out across the country and maybe the world where there is a womens week in every location at the same time creating worldwide bond.  Claudia calls it the S.H.E. movement that she helps will empower more women everywhere. 

The event is taking place in NYC June 18-24.  You can buy an all access pass for $79 here.  Take a look at the schedule.  A very cool idea.