Wilde Zwynen, Amsterdam

I am pretty sure that we were the only people at Wilde Zwynen who were not from the local neighborhood.  The place is so cozy and simple.  Concrete floors, wooden tables where they write your name in chalk to reserve the table, open kitchen in the back, nice sized windows around the place so light streams in.  Just really mellow.  The food was probably one of the best meals we have had. 

Roasted pork josh
Cold grilled pork with a light dressing and an asparagus salad.  Light and very European.

Vegetable salad
Mixture of blanched green vegetables of the season with a poached egg sitting on top and shavings of Dutch cheese.  Delicious.  Simple flavors that taste as they were picked up on the farm that morning.  They might have been.

Broad bean ravioli.  Love this idea.  Simple thin ravioli stuffed with flavorful broad beans and doused in lemon butter.  Kind of can't go wrong. 

Roasted veal topped with white beans and sauteed spinach on the side. 

Roasted vegetables served with perfectly roasted leg of lamb.  On the side was a smoked potato blini and a dense sweet lamb sausage.  Divine.

Red mullet served over cauliflower and flat beans.  Really yummy.

Dessert was definitely worth having here.  Cheese plate.  I love the cheese plate at the end of a good meal.

Rhubarb crumble with a buttermilk strawberry shake.  Creamy, sweet and tart all combined.

Warm oozing chocolate cake with verbena ice cream.

Fantastic.  The food was perfectly prepared, the local vibe was great, gave us a really good perspective of how the locals dine.   At the end of all the meals the restaurants serve these round mints.  They are a really nice end to a meal.

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  1. kirklove

    Another “looks like my kind of place”. I get the appeal of places like Noma (or Per Se in NYC for instance) but this joint is the type of joint I want to experience. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      exactly. the feeling is mutual.