Les Tablettes, Paris

Dining at Les Tablettes goes under an entire different food category.  Not sure what you call it.  Perhaps fine French dining in the 21st century.  The restaurant is modern, clean, chic and beautiful.  The ceiling and walls are woven with a light wood.  It is gorgeous. We had such a hard time making a decision that we opted for the seasonal menu in order to taste a bunch of different things.  

First taste
They began our meal with a small plates of savory tarts.  A whipped goat cheese sitting delicately inside a shell with a few slices of scallions on the top.  A nice beginning.

I can't remember exactly what this was but I do remember it was divine.  A tomato jell with foam.  Terrible explantation on my part…alas.

This was beyond good.  An almond pudding which was more like a flan with an emulsion of peas and some fresh peas too.  A hint of mint and imperial caviar just to take this dish to another level.  Unique and delicious.

Small fillets of mullet with a nice crispy skin.  Candied peppers, roasted zucchini and a smoked eggplant caviar with a crispy zucchini blossom leaf on top.  The perfect contract of flavors.

Zitti filled with chopped foie gras and black truffles with melted Parmesan cheese over the top sitting on top of a lucious veal jus.  I love everything about this dish.  The flavors, the presentation, the brilliance of using all of these rich individual flavors together.  We all oohed and aahed over this.

I didn't love this as much as the other plates.  Lamb that had been mixed with candied dry fruit and Morrocan style spices.  On the side was an artichoke heart with a mint mixture on top.  Here is one of those times that simple might have been better, at least for me.  

Dessert was next.  Strawberry chartreuse slush with rose water.  A light fluffy new style of parfait.  Nice touch with the puff pastry tart and wild strawberries with whipped cream on the side.

Then they bring over a chocolate ball and set it in front of each of us.  Then they take a piping hot chocolate sauce and pour it over the ball.  The ball literally starts to melt before our eyes.  We grabbed our spoons and dug in and inside was a hazelnut praline cream.  Over the top theater and rich.  

Always room for a few little treats.  Chocolates, raspberry shortbreads and pistachio pastries.  

A fantastic meal.  We needed to walk a little.  The restaurant is in the 16th so we took a stroll by the L'Arc de Triomphe.  A great night.

Comments (Archived):

  1. ellen

    Quite the dinner.Beautiful presentationLove the look of the slush

  2. Ryan Drew

    The ziti is the most decadent dish I’ve seen in ages.

  3. Kathy YL Chan

    Agreed! We were just here for lunch on Tuesday…first time at the restaurant and hope to come back again before we leave Paris. That chocolate ball is perfection.

  4. Marjan Ghara

    I apologize if you have already answered this but what cameraare you using for these amazing photos? I have been following your blog for a whileand admire both your photographic “eye” and the quality of thephotos. Thanks!

    1. Gotham Gal

      canon S95.

  5. JLM

    .GG, you are just crushing it with these pictures. I cannot tell you how much I love looking at them. They are spectacular.The subjects, composition, lighting — approaching perfection.I really would love to have some of the food ones.Tell Joanne Wilson’s husband — you know the venture guy sorry can’t remember his name any more — that I am completely under the spell of your pictures and hello.Wow! Well played!.

  6. Tracey Jackson

    Love that place!! I love the the iPads they all walk around with.