thinking, cooking and relaxing

no blog post yesterday.  email is seriously piled up.  cooked up a storm over the past four days. 

i have hit summer time and am so damn happy.

today i will clean my email box, write some posts, re-tool my summer schedule (too many calls all over the place that must be compacted) and figure out how i can get "the look".

when i got out here on wednesday night our friends came to pick me up for dinner.  they had the look.  the look you get after being at the beach for an extended period of time.  it is that slightly tan, discheveled look.  you look like you just woke up and you are completely relaxed.  i want that look.  it is a really good look and it is the perfect one to try and keep as long as possible when you re-enter the world in september. 

off for a cup of coffee and to complete the crossword.  it is the start of getting "the look".