2012 (Montauk) Burger Bash

At this point I consider myself a veteran.  I believe I have been to all the burger bashes over the years.  This year marks the 6th.  The first one was at a house in the dunes of Amagansett on the back porch.  The second year was the same.  The third year was at a home on Bluff Road in Amagansett where there was an expansive backyard, the fourth year was the same.  The fifth year the event took place in Bridgehampton and it lost some of its intimacy and appeal.  This year might have been the best year ever. 

Outside the burgerbash
The event took place at the Montauk Yacht Club.  The weather was perfect.  There was an incredible line-up of chefs and good music too.  A total winner. 

Tertulia burger
The grills were set around the permiter of the grounds.  Picnic tables were set up in the middle.  There was even a ping-pong table.  Seamus McMullen of Tertulia is flipping his burgers here.  Lightly smoked burger with lightly smoked cheddar cheese, caramelized onion jam and peppery ketchup.  

Alex stupak
Next to him was Mike DeFonzo of PJ Clarkes.  One of the classic burger joints in the city.  PJ's meyer ranch burger blend, Mexco Bay farmhouse cheddar cheese, Sir Kensington ketchup, matchstick fries on a bacon brioche bun.  The photo is Alex Stupak of Empellons burgers.  I really liked these.  Very different.  Short rib burger with chorizo, refried black beans and chihuahua cheese.

Titos drinks
Stopped over to Titos (one of the sponsors) for a drink.  Titos is definitely my vodka of choice.

Stu and
Stuart Wilson and James Ramsey were newbies this year.  Simple burger with onions, spicy sauce and cheese.  They call it the lunch burger.

Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly from Fedora.  I adore Mehdi and truly believe him to be an absolute food genius.  Smoked cheddar, pickled cucumbers, thinly sliced and fried potatoes like chips and BBQ mayonaisse. 

Mehdi plates
Great marketing.  Every plate had their restaurant and name stamped on it.

Here is Gabe and Gina Stulman…and there new addition to the family cheering on Mehdi. 

Zak Palaccio from Fatty Crab with a lamb burger.  Bold move.  Lamb burger with Lady Jaynes barrel aged Worcestshire sauce and salty spicy chiles. 

Sarahsimmons burger
Loved this slider from Sarah Simmons of City Grit.  Farm to table burger.  She called it the Montauk slider.

Harold Moore of Commerce.  Harold's bread and butter burger.  A classic burger with mayo.  Really good.

Few other entries.  Jesse Geerstein and Dan Aldworth with the Beach bacon burger.  Emile Castilo from Burger Joint cheeseburger with "the works".  Ryan Solien from Montauk Yacht Club with the super Tuscan including provolone, lardo, avocado, bacon and lettuce.  PJ Calapa (Michael White's The Butterfly) with mustard, garlic pickles, onions and American cheese. 

The judges this year were Kate Krader of Food and Wine (a veteran too), Spike Mendelsohn from the Food Network, Lee Schrager from South Beach Wine and Food Festival and more, Pat LaFrieda from LaFrieda meats who also provided everyone with their meat (special blends of course) and Josh Capon from Lure Fishbar and B&B Winepub and another opening this fall.

As we all waited around for the final moment you could taste a little Grasshopper pie from Christina Tosi of Momofuko/Milk Bar. 

Drum roll please.  The third runner-up was Jesse Geerstein and Dan Aldworth out of the agency world.  Second up was Harold Moore from Commerce and the winner of this magnificent trophy was Seamus McMullen of Tertullia.  Tough call.  All the burgers were really amazing. 

Hats off to Ben Leventhal this year.  Burger Bash was a winner.  Only thing missing which I do miss is the People's Choice.  Always a fan of crowd sourcing.  Maybe next year?

If anyone is interested…I tasted almost every burger there. 



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  1. falicon

    OK – it’s only 8:28 am and I’m already hyped up to go get a burger for lunch today! Thanks!BTW – I will prob. head to 25 burgers which I highly recommend if you ever happen upon one. 😉

  2. Cindy Gallop


    1. Gotham Gal

      i am still full.

  3. Stuart Willson

    Great event. Btw: habanero pickled red onions, a special sauce (mayo, ketchup, dill pickles, paprika, celery salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper) and then julienned yellow onions soaked in an ice bath to remove the bite.

    1. Gotham Gal

      nice!! i loved the burger.

  4. Guest

    Those burgers look amazing!! I want to eat my computer right now.

  5. Christine

    Fun post! What a great summer.

  6. CCjudy

    that Tosi Grasshopper Pie looks so fine. Great burger photos tho for me I don’t red meat. Thank you for the great photos