Images-1One of the most frustrating and difficult things about being a non-profit organization is the constant grind of raising money.  It is like having a little voice in your head every day saying "raise cash, raise cash".  It is one of the things that I find incredibly frustrating about the non-profit model.  I'd like to see every business be sustainable including ones in the non-profit world.  Many just can't be and will never be but some organizations do great things and their missions resonate with many donors.  Good thing.

Reddit Donate just launched a site that was built by Dwolla in partnership with Stripe that lists some of the (IMHO) top non-profits out there that are making a change.  Each organization has to be approved before getting on their list.  This site lets donors find an organization that they want to give to and they can.  Making is easier for the non-profit to raise funds and making it easier for donors to give.

Check it out.