Eric Firestone Gallery

Eric Firestone is a gallery in East Hampton.  It has been there for three years now.  Eric Firestone is the man behind the gallery.  He grew up in Miami went to University of Arizona for college and basically didn't leave for the next twenty years where he established himself in the art world.  He decided it was time to make his mark on the east coast about three years ago and set up shop in East Hampton although certainly works with people in the city too. The piece above is from Gregory Johnston.

Super smart guy who has a great eye and a creative bend.  I took the tour last week.  We started talking and before I knew it we were down in the basement seeing the other artists he represents including the next show that is going up on August 11th. The piece above is by Eric Cahan, we own one a piece  of his work. 

Right now the exhibit is a combination of artists.  I happen to love this shot although not easy to see from my angle and the reflection. 

This piece is from the artist Julia Chiang. 

Made of candy rings.  Over time they drip down and then you are left with empty candy rings with drips on the floor.  Getting a trough for it to hang on would make the most sense and then spray it with something to insure it doesn't fall apart. 

Eric owns an entire estate of an artist.  Of course I can't recall his name but his work is pretty awesome.

This piece is from an emerging artist.  It is called Man of Steel.

This small Fantastik piece is from Anh Duong.  You can see the rest of the storage area from this shot.

Next exhibit coming up is called Parts and Services.  Pieces around the car world.  All of these paintings are colors of foreign cars.  They are pretty sweet.  Colors are awesome.

Love the collection of artists that he represents.  I am more into the emerging artists than the emerged and Eric has a good balance. 

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  1. ellen

    don’t the candy rings remind you of the ring from the ” hard candy” nail polish bottles?

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. candice

    Have you ever read Vonnegut’s Bluebeard? It’s got this whole hamptons and artists thing going on…

    1. Gotham Gal

      have not. will google.