the Big Green Egg

Big green egg
My friend has been raving about this egg for a few years.  He has mastered it.  I have not. 

The first time I tried to slow roast lamb ribs and after a few hours I had zero heat.  Good thing for back-ups like an oven and a gas grill.  The second time I worked on chickens.  I actually got the heat to hang out at 350 for quite awhile so there was success here. Although I am not a huge fan of the smoke flavored bbq chicken.  Ever since I was pregnant with Jessica and had a night of charcoal bbq chicken, I don't really enjoy it.  

Another night I tried  to get the heat up to 750 and I could only get it to hang at about 550 to make steaks.  I think I should just be patient.  Eventually I will get it.  Just takes time.  If anyone has one…suggestions are welcomed.