The Feast on Good

The FeastI met Jerri Chou at the first Womens Entrepreneur Festival.  She sat on the Social Entrepreneur panel.  She struck me as someone who is not only super smart and articulate but someone who really cares about community, people, social change and thinks big picture.  It was not surprising to me when we reconnected over her idea for The Feast on Good. 

So what is the Feast?  The Feast is a series of events including a main conference being held over the course of the first week of October.  They are deeming the week Social Innovation week.  The events are meant to foster entrepreneurs who are working on ideas and companies that will revolutionize the way things work.  A big idea and reminiscent of the World Fair for this generation. 

Two of the main events are the Worlds Fare, a global dinner party and a public pavilion showcasing innovative artists and companies. 

This is a great addition to the landscape of NYC where start-ups are changing the way we live our lives.  An event that can bring together the community and others from outside to think, see and connect around the new generation of thoughts. 

I highly recommend buying a ticket and checking out what is being put on.  I love the tag line: It’s time to stop waiting for the world to change. Start changing it, and the world will follow.