Honesty is the best policy

ImagesI have never been one to hold back or mince words.  I am not so sure I know how to.  It has worked well for me.  I put it out there.  I actually believe that it has been a key to having a successful marriage.  Nothing gets brushed under the carpet. 

Brad Feld and I had dinner with our group on Saturday night.  We were at the end of the table and started talking about angel investing.  I told him about how I say no more than yes these days.  I also shared my honesty when speaking with companies. He wrote a post about it. 

I spoke to one company who won a competition and was now making their way into taking money from friends and family.  I told them do not take money from your friends and family.  Use the money you won from winning the competition and call it a mini-mba.  Go get a job in a start-up.  I told another company that they were so far down the runway at this point that the chances of success were minimal.  They were trying to build a better mousetrap of hundreds of mousetraps out there.  I could continue but the message here is that I am honest about what I think.  I always start off with saying, I could be wrong and you can walk out of here saying fuck her but at least I am giving you real feedback and food for thought. 

At the end of the day, I believe honesty is the best policy…and it is just about how you deliver the message.