I met Brittany awhile ago and wrote a blog post about her.  She is a woman entrepreneur.  Before writing this post about what Brittany is doing now, I went back and read the post I wrote about her.  The first sentence in my post sums it up….Tenacity is a trait I admire.  Brittany has serious tenacity. 

Her original venture was with GTrot.  She loves travel and creating businesses around your passion makes sense.  Travel sites are not easy.  At least I don't think so.  People go to travel sites when they travel not just daily so there has to be a certain kind of hook.  GTrot started to evolve into something that didn't excite her so she decided to forge out on her own and build InclineHQ. 

Brittany is a Navy brat.  Her father, after leaving the Navy, built a business helping people who left the armed forces find jobs in the private sector.  Brittany is following in her fathers footsteps and using tech as the platform.

The tech industry continues to grow and there are countless tech jobs that need to be filled.  There are 220,000 unemployed veterans who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.  A million more will return over the next 5 years and enter the public sector.  How can we help these vets move into jobs that are rewarding so they feel good about themselves.

Incline is starting with ten veterans this week and putting them through an intensive 10 week program that will teach, evaluate and mentor each veteran and hopefully place them in a developer job once the program ends.  Most of the veterans in this program already know code and some have MBA's.  Through Incline they can enter the private sector easier with some help. Incline is partnering with companies too.

I love this.  A social enterprise.  What if this program was able to eventually train multiple groups of veterans with classes on line in areas such as rural Pennsylvania.  Perhaps those groups of now trained tech veterans could create labs in rural areas around this country where they could be the back end support team for tech companies instead of many of our companies who go to Eastern Europe to work with teams. 

Brittany is on to something….and I am hoping this will be big. 

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  1. falicon

    Sounds interesting…I would like to hear more about what happens in the 10 week program (guess I better follow some links eh?).

  2. JLM

    .As a Veteran, an old Veteran mind you, I am always struck by the almost “Veteran in the Zoo” quality of how people think about Veterans.The military is a meritocracy which has the added feature that sometimes the herd gets thinned by a bit of real gunfire. It is a tough business.Many officers, in particular, have survived a tough screening process to get into places like West Point, VMI, the Citadel, AFA, Annapolis and then have survived military schools which further filter the pool sometimes based on things like physical ruggedness and vigor.The common trait of military veterans is exposure to leadership, responsibility, critical judgment and performance under stress. These traits are primarily translatable to management positions.The numbers for soldiers coming home from war are way overstated. There will be something like 200K over the next few years given the draw downs and many of these will be junior enlisted men and careerists who are on their 5th tours.Great idea, nonetheless, as you don’t have to worry about this crowd coming to work on time or doing their homework..

    1. Gotham Gal

      their exposure to leadership is amazing. we should help them move into the public sector with ease.

  3. BillMcNeely

    Ma’am thank you for taking the time to constructively address the veteran unemployment this morning.I spoke with Brittany concerning entrance into the Incline program as I am one of the long term unemployed veterans her program targets. I did not have the technical background needed to gain entrance but I fully support what she is doing.Instead of talking about the problem she is imparting skills and allowing veterans to make a Middle Class income in a short period time.What a concept!I wrote a post a year ago entitled Coding: The Middle Class Job for Veterans for the Next 20 Years here is the link:

    1. Gotham Gal

      great article.