Shopping European

ImagesThis summer I basically shopped at the local farm stand, the fish store, the bakery and butcher.  All different locations for different foods.  Very European.  It is work to do that kind of shopping but the rewards are high.  Our food was just better tasting and fresher. 

We are now back in the city and I have decided to continue on that journey.  After going to Citarella where I generally stock up for the week, I was so disappointed in the products that I opted out.  Things might change as the season changes but I am going to work on sticking with the program.

I am shopping for all our meats at Dickinsons Farms in Chelsea Market.  The Manhattan Fruit Exchange in Chelsea Market for vegetables and fruit and the local farmers market on weekends.  Bread is either Amy's bread or other local bakeries.  Fish is at the Lobster Place which is also located in Chelsea Market.  Fillers such as cereal and milk is at D'Agostinos which is down the street from us and if we need cheese, Murrays Cheeses.  Of course I fill in with indie products that we like at Mouth Foods. 

Let's see how it goes.  I kind of believe the effort is worth it.