Gwynett St., Brooklyn

Lots of cheers for Gwynett St in Brooklyn so we made a date with some friends to have dins. 

Lots of brouhaha happening in Brooklyn these days.  I've gone to a few places in Brooklyn and there are many others that I definitely want to check out.  There is no doubt that Brooklyn is the story of the decade.  The neighborhoods are blossoming with new restaurants, stores, and just life.  I wonder if there is such a desire to put our stamp on Brooklyn that they are rated (from the reviews) at a different level than places in NYC.  Just putting it out there.  Certainly when we lived in the suburbs (our short time) that the places that were given the 3 star rating would have been getting a one star if any star in NYC. Just saying.

Whiskey bread
Gwynnett St had a homey neighborhood vibe which I really like.  They are certainly trying to be creative in their dishes.  Some work, some definitely do not.  The best thing was the Whiskey Bread.  A dense yet flaky rich bread with a really good crust. 

We split all the appetizers.  This is the pole beans.  Crispy pole beans served under thinly shaved fennel and greens with a garlic paprika seasoning.  The paprika is smoky so it gives the dish more of an autumn feel.  Just not that interesting. 

Young carrots are all the rage.  Roasted carrots with a yogurt and cumin sauce. 

Shaved zucchini squash wrapped around ricotta.  A few zucchini blossoms on the plate, kind of like a deconstructed salad and sliced green olives.  Everyone gave this an eh. 

This was the best appetizer.  Roasted lobster mushrooms with pieces of corn, tomato and husk cherries. The mushrooms were warm and rich and it totally worked well with the rest of the dish.  A winner.

For dinner two of us opted for the duck.  Sliced duck sitting over a mixture of farro, pecans, chanterelles and sliced peaches.  Well cooked duck and the salad was good not great.

Steak over a mixture of leeks, oyster sauce and oyster mushrooms.  The steak was really good but the sauce was very chalky and ruined the whole dish.  Really disappointing.

Nobody wanted dessert.  We couldn't find anything that knocked us over.  We were all a little under the weather.  Maybe that had something to do with our lack of enthusiasm over the dishes.  Although we did see a friend there who came by to say good-bye and we asked him out his meal was.  He said the Monfish was good..just good.  Hmmm.  So, maybe an off night because there is lots of praise for Gwynett St.


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  1. yanyan

    yes, the whiskey bread is special. I could go there just for that and a glass of wine

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. AG

    You never seem to tire of duck 😉

    1. Gotham Gal

      ha. nope.

  3. rebeccastees

    Happy birthday!

    1. Gotham Gal


  4. LE

    “Certainly when we lived in the suburbs (our short time) that the places that were given the 3 star rating would have been getting a one star if any star in NYC. Just saying.”We dined at a number of great restaurants in August at Walt Disney World. I was amazed at how good the food was. Lest you think there isn’t any positive benefit to dining in the suburbs! Couldn’t take advantage of the leftover on vacation of course.I call all leftovers “shrinking leftovers”. Since when you are full at the restaurant they look so large. But when you reheat – not even enough for an appetizer.(Happy birthday by the way..)Philly restaurant scene is pretty good of course. But you have to shlep there, park etc so we rarely go.

  5. pamela castillo

    Next time have dessert! And a cocktail! They are both really good. I liked but not loved Gwynnett St. too.

  6. Ivana Nikolic

    PISTACHIO TOFU was superb!! Far better than any tofu dish I’ve ever had!