Hurricane Sandy

We were here over a year ago during Irene.  It was not pretty.  Water came roaring into our basement and holding it at bay was not going to happen. 

Yesterday as we watched all the tracking of Sandy we knew this was going to be way worse.  Although we are located in Zone B, Zone A is literally next door.  Everyone in Zone A was evacuated.  The water began to lap over the Westside Highway from the Hudson river at high tide in the morning before the big storm even hit.  We could only imagine what was going to happen when Sandy came barreling in that evening.  In the end, we decided around 3pm to leave.

We read all the tweets, we watched the videos, we heard from our building.  Our basement was destroyed, our lobby was destroyed, my office was destroyed….and all of Manhattan from about 39th Street and down had no electricity. 

The picture above was taken from our friend and neighbor of our building last night.  It is the aftermath which is going to just be horrendous.  Two major hurricanes in NYC in just over a years time.  In a town that never sleeps and we consider the epi-center of almost everything, it is eerie and humbling to be so helpless against Mother Nature. 

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  1. John Best

    It’s very strange to watch the news footage. I’m glad you decided to go, offices can be always be replaced.

    1. Gotham Gal


      1. candice

        At the same time, though, you do get to be upset about it and it is totally fine. People end up marginalizing others feelings (though they may not realize it) by saying “oh, it’s just stuff, you should be thankful for X” and it’s ends up being condescending and mean.Wishing you the best. Also a good pair of shrimp boots and a respirator for rescuing stuff. 🙂

  2. William Mougayar

    So sorry to hear about all this. Our thoughts were with you all of last evening. It is sad to be so helpless against such disasters.

  3. kirklove

    Sorry Joanne. Sucks majorly. Glad you’re safe. Enough already with your place and water. As I said on Fred’s page, we’re on 67th if you need anything.

  4. Charles Smith

    sorry about the building- glad you made it out and are safe. good decision.

  5. Tom Evslin

    Best of luck with the recovery. Glad you evacuated.

  6. Shripriya

    When I saw the evacuation map, I was hoping you guys would leave. Glad you’re safe. Sorry about the building… Hang in there.

  7. Greg Coleman

    so sorry…..let me know if we can come over and help today….

  8. Carl Rahn Griffith

    Thoughts are with you all x.

  9. CCjudy

    And you are all okay in the midst of all this horror … breaks me up with sadness and awe judy

  10. Marjan Ghara

    I kept thinking, thank God for meteorologists who can at least predict these natural disasters and give warning. Glad you all left in time and are safe.

  11. Casey

    Thinking of you all and sending many xoxo’s

  12. Rohan

    Take care, Joanne.The people are safe.. and that’s what matters..

  13. Wendy Read

    Oh No Joanne, I was thinking of you all last night too…how horrific. Well I am glad you and your family thankfully are safe. Exhuasting, I know you will make it beautiful again.

  14. andyidsinga

    that looks terrible! ..and humbling for sure.glad you are all safe.

  15. Cecelia Feld

    So sad, but I’m glad you and family are safe. Lives can’t be replaced.

  16. William Mougayar

    How is Ollie? Did he stay with you ?

  17. ShanaC

    If you need help cleaning/anything, let me know – my week has been effectively canceled.

  18. Barbara Pantuso

    so sorry, joanne. it is truly stunning how damaging this was. here’s hoping the recovery is smooth and as painless as possible. take care.

  19. Rona Moser

    very sad to see the those eerie images. very happy to know that you’re safe. Stay positive!

  20. laurie kalmanson

    so much destructionglad you are safe

  21. Carol Sacks

    So very sorry to read this, Joanne.

  22. zainabz

    GG, so sorry to hear this. I hope you and your family are warm and safe. Sending wishes and prayers and thoughts your way.

  23. Dana

    So sorry to hear this . Hope you are all alright. In the end we control nothing and your right Mother Nature is humbling. Let me know if I can assit in anyway . Sending you my best, Dana

  24. Maya S. Penn

    Joanne, Me and my family have been praying for you, your family and everyone who have been and will be effected by Sandy. Hugs -Maya

  25. Tracey Jackson

    So sorry Joanne. You guys just got back in. Prayers with you. Let me know if I can help.

  26. christy purnier

    so sorry joanne. we took cover at my moms but got hit by a massive tree that punched thru her slate roof…they estimate the town of greenwich will be without power and no school forr at least that is humbling and a moment to sslow down and take stock. ssee you soon.xoo

  27. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Sending you positive vibes. Definitely a time to find your zen 🙂

  28. pointsnfigures

    Good luck. As the over the road truckers say “shooting you the double nickels.”. The aftermath will not be fun.

    1. Gotham Gal

      dealing with aftermath now. nightmare.

      1. Tereza

        Ugh. I’d say come up here, but oy’re better off in uptown NYC. So sorry.

  29. Tereza

    Glad you guys are all okay. We’re just surfacing up here in Pound Ridge with a ton of tree damage and no elec but nothing fell on our house and no flooding thank god so we’re so lucky. We’re used to no elec up here and just visiting neighbors, listening to NPR and playing board games (basically, living my childhood). Very lucky.My heart breaks for downtown, Jersey and Breezy.Stay safe, my friends.

  30. Howard Greenstein

    Power’s back so I’m sending sympathy and hope for a speedy recovery to everyone.

  31. Guest

    Hard to see. So sorry you guys got hit so badly. The moments where you have no control are very humbling. Good luck with the recovery.

  32. Lally

    So sorry to hear that this has happened again. At least everyone is safe.

  33. JLM

    .Bad deal but you are tough as granite and you will prevail. Good luck, Godspeed and may The Force be with you.YOU are The Force..

  34. Pete Griffiths

    So sorry.

  35. Susan Rubinsky

    As we keep saying next door here on the coast of CT: people can’t be replaced but stuff can. So sorry for the massive loss. Good to hear you evacuated and are well.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Just stuff. Exactly

      1. Susan Rubinsky

        Glad you are OK. I am right on the water and helped neighbors at the midnight high tide as it breached the sand dunes and flooded the whole row of houses behind me. At that point it was about keeping people safe.