Matthew Corones

When Matthew was living in NYC and going to school at the Cooper Union school of Art, we met.  I impressed with his work and bought a piece.  It is the piece above.  I love this piece.  It is bright, colorful and just makes me smile.

Matthew moved back to his hometown in Iowa.  He got his MFA from Iowa State University. He has kept up with me over the years. At one point he was making these awesome photos of baseball fields.  . 

Recently he had an installation in downtown Des Moines as part of Art Stop.  He created these "stained glass" windows in the John and Mary Pappajohn Education Center that had already appeared in the Iowa Artists 2011 event. 

The project was partially funded by local funds and the other part was funded on Kickstarter.  I love that he keeps in touch.  It is great to see that he has grown as an artist and getting to do some interesting projects.  It is also a bonus he was able to easily raise the money on Kickstarter.

Check out his site.  Very cool stuff. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. Stuart Willson

    The first photo makes me think of one of my favorite pieces of all time, Joel Sternfelds Wet N’ Wild Aquatic Theme Park (1984).

    1. Gotham Gal

      awesome photo.

  2. Wavelengths

    I was driving down a long empty highway today, and I saw that photo again in my mind’s eye.’I, too, smiled.These day’s I’m paying close attention to how many smiles I have, and how many belly-laughs in a day. It’s a metric I never considered before. After a week of this practice, I plan to continue, and I will recommend this to others.Photos are the expression of the moment when the artist was inspired. Sharing them is sharing that moment of educated/enlightened awareness.I saw sunflowers backlit by the the setting sun, but no one was there to grab the moment so I could savor it later, except in my mind’s eye.Thank you for encouraging an artist with an eye, and for sharing.