Topping Rose House, Bridgehampton

We have a dinner club.  We get together about once every four months for dinner.  It is always fun and we are a tough food crowd.  This time we chose to go back out to the beach for several reasons.  It is relaxing, the weather is still good and we figured we could check out the opening of the Topping Rose House.

The Topping Rose House is in Bridgehampton.  It is a project that Tom Colicchio is involved with and he is the chef for the restaurant.  This house was falling apart and the owners came in and poured a lot of cash into the place and brought it back to life.  They did an amazing job.  The rooms are bright and airy, the place feels alive and it is a nice addition to the Hamptons considering you can also book a room there.  Fun art…wonder who curated that.  The bar was packed and we had the luxury of being escorted for a little tour upstairs.  This is the living room.

Here is one of the bedrooms.

The sitting room of the bedroom.

The bathroom.  Really nice job all around.

There are a few rooms to sit in.  Tables for 8 are tough.  There is also a barn which we did not see where you can have, I believe, private parties for tables of 10.  Keep in mind the place has been only opened for two weeks when we showed up.  The meal crescendo-ed.  Our appetizers were good, some of the pastas were amazing, the main courses were all delicious and the desserts were fantastic.  Such a treat to have good food out there.  I hope it stays its course! 

Shaved fennel, radish, cucumber and celery salad with a goat yogurt-herb dressing.  Nice and light.

Simple late summer greens from the garden with a shallot vinegarette.  

Pieces of braised zucchini, crispy zucchini blossom and burrata.  Good not great. 

We split a bunch of pastas.  Squid and stewed cherry tomatoes mixed with greens mixed with a squid ink linguine.  A nice spicy bite.

Bucatini with clams, chiles, parsley and toasty bread crumbs. 

Sorry for the blur perhaps because I was so excited.  This was fantastic.  Sweet corn agnolotti with leeks and summer truffle.  So delicious sweet and perfect.  I could have eaten a full sized portion by myself. 

Fred talked about the striped bass for two days.  Snap peas, green, yellow and wax beans all thinly sliced with a summer truffle and loads of butter over a perfectly poached sea bass.

Roasted red peppers and eggplants like a caponade underneath sliced pieces of lamb.  On the side was a crispy treat.  Can't remember what it was exactly something with cornmeal but it worked so good with the lamb.

Braised onions, saffron and fennel over a spicy roasted lobster tail.  Nice combination of good flavors.

Wagyu skirt steak served with fried fingerling potatoes and a sweet pepper relish with sauteed greens over the top. 

Cream cheese ice cream parfait with stewed blueberries and graham cracker crumbs.  We fought to the bottom.

Creme fraiche panna cotta with a cornmeal streusel, plum sorbet and mint.  On top was a crispy topping like a flan.  The panna cotta was rich and creamy.

You really can't go wrong with cardamon spiced donuts served with raspberry sherbet and a lemon cream sauce. 

A chocolate tart filled with warm oozing chocolate served with cherry-vanilla ice cream and pistachios and my favorite warm figs. 

We pretty much closed the dining room.  No doubt, this will be a tough place to get a reservation next summer.  A really wonderful addition to the landscape.  Just a few more treats before we hit the road.  Chocolate chip cookies and lemon gelees. Bravo. 


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  1. JLM

    .I love the beadboard decor. I never think of the Hamptons as being beadboard country but why the hell not? It is beachy after all.Whoever put that carpet in the bathroom will live to regret it.The food looks marvelous and your pictures are wonderful. You really make the food come alive. Well played!I am in Folly Beach and Charleston for a couple of months and I am in love with the seafood. Though I did get poisoned one night. Ugh.The summer goes on a lot longer in Folly Beach. It almost never ends..

    1. Gotham Gal

      i always wish the summer never ended but then i remember how much i love the change of seasons.

  2. Erin Newkirk

    Where do you go for chocolate chip cookies? Levain?

    1. Gotham Gal

      levain is really good. these came from topping house.i generally keep a huge jar of them at home straight from my oven.

  3. William Mougayar

    I love the charm of this place. Wow…so impressed with Colicchio’s creations.