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Images-1I have always been frustrated with non-profit organizations that do not run like lean mean machines.  I know at MOUSE we kept the percentage of the overhead to a minimal compared to our budget.  To me that means that the majority of the money raised is going directly to the programs.

Organizations that we tend to rely on for tragedies such as Red Cross take a really high percentageo of the money raised and puts it towards managing the organization.  I am sure that with social media and crowd sourcing we will see more groups crop-up to man the troops and finances for one time events and all the  money will go directly to the event they raised cash for. 

If you are inclined to give money to Hurricane Sandy take a look at Helpers Unite. They are not taking operating fees for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  Feel free to pass this information around to anyone who is interesting in giving to help victims of this destructive hurricane. 

Here is another one that I am a fan of.

1. Deposit a Gift has partnered with The New York Foundling to power their relief fund:

  • The
    Foundling provides havens for children whose safety is at risk while
    also offering support to strengthen families. They currently serve over
    11,000 Children and Families in all boroughs including some of the
    hardest hit areas.  If you run a blog, website or newsletter and are
    willing to share, let me know and I can send you a badge graphic to be
    used with this click-thru:   
  • Also, Deposit a Gift will be donating an extra 4% for every contribution!

(Tid-Bit — We actually just learned that Beyonce is endorsing The
Foundling as one of the Top 10 Ways to Give in the wake of Hurricane

2. There are a variety of individual families that have lost
everything who are being fundraised for with Deposit a Gift — and the
list grows daily:

3. We want people to know that Deposit a Gift is a fundraising
resource during times of crisis and would appreciate your help spreading
the word: 

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  1. Wendy Read

    Thank you for posting this Joanne, I have tweeted to my followers. It is good information for all of those that really want to help. I have been thinking of you so very much for past few days. Warmth and love coming your way.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks wendy!!

  2. Arielle

    Thank you for sharing Deposit a Gift with your readers! We appreciate it.