some of the aftermath of Sandy

Downtown NYC feels almost apocalyptic.  The streets are empty, the stores are all closed, there are a few retaurants here and there that have managed to open but basically everything is shut down.  We are all hoping for electricity to be restored by the weekend.  I am sure once it is the streets will be teeming with people. 

For us, we will more than likely be living somewhere else for sometime.  We are so fortunate that we have friends we are staying with.  There are actually two families staying with them.  Chris from Kitchensurfing sent over Antonio Ortuno last night who made us a delicious Spanish feast (sans garlic of course).  We have had so many gracious offers from many people in our community from their apartments to a meal.  Having those offers is beyond appreciated and warms our hearts. 

Feeling displaced is not a good feeling.  The realization of that has just begun to take place. For the people who are not as fortunate as we are to have a place to stay and food on the table, my heart goes out to them.  If you want to help and can here are a few places that I have seen that are hopefully making a difference.

Here are some organizations that are providing help for those in need:

The Food Bank for New York City (text FBNYC to 50555 to make a donation from your mobile device)
The American Red Cross
The Salvation Army
The Humane Society
North Shore Animal League
New York Cares (text iCARE to 85944 to donate $10 from your mobile device)
The Bowery Mission (text BOWERY to 20222 to make a donation from your mobile device)

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  1. Wendy Read

    Oh Joanne, just thank God you are safe and healthy, that is all you can do. My heart goes out to you and everyone effected by this horrible storm. For you it is the second rebuild, just unbelievable. Sending you love and good energy for the days ahead–you are on my mind.

  2. Tracey Jackson

    Thank you for posting these sites so we know where to help.Take care. Will PM you for some dates to feed you and Fred.

  3. Julia F. LeStage

    Lovely human report. Glad you are safe!

  4. stevec77

    How much anxiety there must be in NY in the aftermath of this storm. We all think we have troubles until we see what real trouble is when our friends get sick or storms like this occur. I know your life is in upheaval, Joanne but I would love to see your photos of the disaster and how it affected your favorite haunts.

  5. Dory Bergman

    Yeah, we live on 8th Street between Avenues B & C. Sandy pushed the East River into East River Park, across the FDR, bullied her way through the housing projects lining Avenue D, started a rumble on Avenue C where she lifted many, many parked cars sending them adrift, hung around to explode a transformer at the Con Edison Power Plant directly across the street from my school–which pyrotechnics my husband witnessed from the roof deck (not because I had tied him up out in the storm like Ulysses, but because one of our Adirondeck chairs, even though it was tied down, was threatening to leap from the ledge and possibly kill someone) in tremendous bursts of blue and yellow flares and orange smoke, and on Westward along the numbered streets, flooding several legal and I suspect illegal basement apartments, and was apparently several feet deep out in the street directly in front of the building next door to us. Of course, our storage area flooded, we have no power, internets (I’m uptown), refrigeration, or hot water, but other than that we’re fine. Friends are good to have at times like these!

    1. Gotham Gal

      omg. the pictures of the east village were insane. hope you are well

      1. Dory Bergman

        Hope you are well too; glad you and yours are out of there, safe. Just saw your earlier post with the photo. My stomach leapt.

  6. William Mougayar

    I know exactly what you are going trough and it’s not fun nor pleasant. You will adapt and you will be so glad when it’s over. Good luck with everything.

  7. candice

    Thanks for the donation links — food banks do a lot of good.I have been in those paycheck-to-paycheck and hit by hurricane shoes… so much worry.

  8. Wavelengths

    Please remind people that they are totally “who they are” no matter their present circumstances.How many people in NYC right now are “homeless,: and terrified of having that stigma? Because many negative things follow from that label.If they can show up, interact, and stay present, reassure them that they are still who they are. Subtlely. Even if they don’t ask. Don’t label. Keep reminding people who they are.I’ve had times in the last several years after the financial blowup when I went to Starbucks to use wifi, charge my laptop, and freshen my face. Never thought I’d be there. Handled millions and millions of dollars in transactions. And then life changed,You know you’re not alone when you look next to you in the Walmart parking lot and the new Ford Explorer has frost on the windows because someone is sleeping inside. At 3:00 a.m.Unless I knew what I know, I’d be thinking trash thoughts, but I know that a bankruptcy looks at the assets, and a brand new car with 99% financed is not an asset. But it might be a place to sleep.NYC is the center of so much positive energy. So much power. But in some ways, not really in touch with the extremity that many other people are living with right now across the US.I hope everyone recovers quickly, because that’s the fastest path to reclaiming life. And, on the way, consider those who don’t have the resources to bounce back. But they want to work, to be part of recovery.Best to all.

    1. stevec77

      Man, this is a great post. I needed to read and understand this. Thank you very much, Wavelengths.

  9. Mark Gavagan

    Gracias. Glad you’re okay.Another way to help is to volunteer your time at a shelter by washing dishes or pitching-in however else they need you. As always, you’ll get more out of the experience than you give.

  10. awaldstein

    Sorry to see you got so whacked again!This disaster is just that…a disaster.Small businesses are getting thoroughly hurt being closed a week pre the holiday season big time.

  11. scornick

    Help victims of #hurricaneSandy post their story & crowdfund for relief at #helpersunite (NOT CHARGING THEIR FEE)

  12. Ann

    Thank you for help links. Keep us posted and stay well and positive.