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Ed Zimmerman chairs the legal tech group at Lowenstein Sandler.  Ed not only legally represents many companies in the tech industry he also does a little angel investing on the side, has a passion for wine and brings entrepreneurs together to learn, greet and network.  I was delighted to be part of a panel this past week about "how to build a brand". 

The panel was all women.  Aslaud Magnusdottir, Co-Founder of Moda Operandi, Christine Beauchamp, former Brand President of Ann Taylor and President/CEO of Victoria's Secret Beauty and is currently a guest Professor at NYU, Katherine Barr who is a General Partner of Mohr David Ventures and Deirdre Bolton, anchor of Bloomberg TV's Money Moves.  An amazing group of smart women who gave sound advice. I was honored to be part of this group. 

What did we talk about?  The difference between a professional brand, a product brand, the interplay between both including how to launch a brand.  Each vertical is different.  I loved the presentation Deirdre Bolton gave on "Are you ready for TV". 

We broke into breakout sessions afterward with some other amazing women leading the charge; Dayna Grayson partner at NEA, Ellie Wheeler at Greycroft Partners, Kathy Leake, President and co-Founder of Local Response and Stacey Burr, VP Adidas Wearable Sport Electronic, former founder-CEO of Textronics which was acquired by Adidas.

I have to applaud Ed for putting together a group of women leaders who all come from a different place.  I got to meet a bunch of entrepreneurs and catch up with some people I have not seen for awhile.  A solid agenda with the ability to do what we do best in the tech industry….share information, give guidance and try to help everyone succeed. 



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Comments (Archived):

  1. Mark Gavagan

    Kirk Phillips has a great slideshow: “The 9 Criteria for Brand Essence”…

    1. Wavelengths

      The slideshow was great. Elegant, eloquent, informative, inspirational.

      1. Mark Gavagan

        Yes, they did a terrific job. I wish I could take credit for more than just pasting the link…

        1. Wavelengths

          I watched the slide show, and then used it twice more dealing with two different clients who didn’t really “get” the concept of branding. Thanks again for passing the link along.

          1. Mark Gavagan

            You’re very kind and very welcome. Happy Holidays!

  2. Wavelengths

    What was your big takeaway that we might be able to use? The comment or story that gave you an “aha!”

    1. Gotham Gal

      nothing really except every company is different but we can all learn from each others experiences.