Fourth Annual Latke Festival

The Fourth Annual Latke Festival took place last night at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music).  A great venue.  People were standing in line for the door to open at 630.  The smell of latkes was overwhelming from the minute you walked in the door.  There is someting to be said about the smell.  I love it once a year.  The event it put on by my dear friend Liz Neumark who is the force behind Great Performances.

Latke beginning
When you check in you get two forks, raffle tickets and a map.  Below is a pretty good wrap-up.

Jelly donuts
There are two floors.  We went upstairs first.  How can you not gasp at this display of jelly donuts from Dough,  Sufganiyot donuts.

Always a fan of Hot Bread Kitchen.  These bialys are a fave.  

Micah fredman
Yucca and sweet potato latkes with an apple plaintain sorbet, queso fresco, pickled onion, cilatnro and spicy green hot sauce from Micah Fredman

Potato apple and daikon latke with seasoned ricotta and smoked crab from Fatty Cue.

A voce
Potato latke with fontina, apples and truffles from A Voce.

Potato yam and carrot latke with honey, preserved lemons and yogurt sauce from Balaboosta.

Potato pancakes with vanilla applesauce and schmaltzy onions from Blue Ribbon Brooklyn

Classic potato latke with house smoked salmon, salmon roe and chive creme fraiche from Clinton St Baking Company.

Latkes with sauces from The Sussman Brothers.

Spud Macabee with pickled fennel jam, butternut squash and creme fraiche from The Farm on Adderley.  Love the name.  

Everyone from the press wore red graters around their necks.

Here is some of the judges with the small pans around their neck.


More goodies downstairs.  Ganz Gut Lakte with goose confit and roasted squash apples from Berlyn.

Potato Latkes with juniper-spiced venison and fuji apple-huckleberry jam from the Plaza

Potato and Mountain Yam Latke with beef short ribs, brussel sprouts, apple caraway kimchi and sour cream from The Vanderbilt

Short rib latke from Stone Park Cafe

Velselka bakery
Duo of potato latke with balsamic lemon creme fraiche, fresh shaved black truffles & micro green salad from Velselka Bakery

Laid back latke with deviled egg and red onion, parlsey and black olive relish from Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola.

A serious group of chefs making an array of creative latkes.  It was a very cool event.  People were standing in line, voting for their favorite latke and thoroughly enjoying Hanukkah.

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  1. Susan Rubinsky

    omg. yum.

    1. Gotham Gal


  2. takingpitches

    So many riffs on something so simple

  3. JLM

    .Completely transported. Like I was actually there. Will have to run a couple of miles for the virtual calories.Your food pictures are just fabulous.Well played!.

  4. laurie kalmanson

    hungry now. the whole foods near my house put out latkes in the prepared case before hanukkah and i confess that i bought them instead of grating by hand down to the bone.