Last day in Tokyo

There is so much to do in Tokyo but I think that four days was just the right amount for a first time visit.  I am sure that there are plenty of other places we could have seen and some of them were on our list but in the end we did what we could do.  

We started the day off at the Mitsukoshi Department store.  This is amazing piece of sculpture is on the first floor.  We came to see the food halls.  To me, there is nothing quite like a great food hall.  Harrods did it first decades ago and it appears that since then everyone has got into the game.  This particular food hall was amazing.

What is so incredible is the detail to packaging and presentation.  We just walked around.  Here are some highlights.  Tempura.

Sushi sandwiches.

Make your own sushi packages.

Black bean sweets

Green tea desserts



Lotus root

Mountain of salmon roe

Had to taste a few dumplings.

We then went to Takishamaya which has a food hall in the basement too.  The store was totally disappointing.  Takishamaya in NYC was an incredible store.  Really well curated with items that you can not get anywhere else especially their jewelry department.  I was so sad when they closed.  The Takishamaya in Tokyo is like going to Macys.  Nothing unique at all.  Alas.

We had to go to the bathroom and I just had to take a photo of the Japanese style toilet.  They are very into their toilets here.  Most of them have heated seats.  They also have an entire menu of things you can do with your toilet seat including massage on the Western toilets.  

Pens at tokyohands
Next stop is Tokyu Hands.  There are a few around the city.  The pen section is insane and so are their stickers.  Pens are big here.

Muji was next.  This Muji is huge and is located on the 2nd floor of a building that has the store Loft in the ground floor.  Muji is an interesting store.  They have their own label on everything.  Lots of pens, food products, furniture and clothes.  

Lunch time.  We went to Sushi Kanesaka located in the basement of a building in the Ginza area.  We sat next to three Japanese business men.  Made me think of mid-town NYC.  Our chef was Shinji Kanesaka.  We began with a small salad of seaweed, thinly sliced shiso and I believe thinly sliced radishes with a soy based sauce.  It was the perfect way to start the meal.  Simple with clean flavors.

First piece was snapper.

Hamachi like
Amber jack.  

Check out this piece of tuna.  

Getting ready for the flight of tuna.




Tiger shrimp.


Spanish Mackarel.

Small shrimp.

Salmon roe.

Gooey clam.



Dried sweet roll ( not sure what was in it ) and a piece of egg that was like eating custard.  Phenomenal meal.  The size of each piece was just perfect.  Each flavor just lingered in your mouth.  Wow.

Next stop was Tobin Ohashi Gallery.  All the galleries are closed at this time of the year so we have been getting private showings.  The two men who own the gallery couldn't be nicer.  One of them is from Boston and has been living in Tokyo for 25 years.  The other grew up in the south of Japan.  They are charming.  This is a wood sculpture with nails driven into it.  The artist is Yusuke Nishi.  I really like this piece.

This Chinese artist is Zhu Wei.  This silkscreen print is of a past dictator.

Pencil drawings
These pencil drawings are by Masumi Yoshida.  A young Japanese artist drawing people that represent modern Japan.  

Last stop of the day was Dover Street Market.  DSM is one of my favorite stores in London.  The one in Tokyo is similar.  Really well curated mixture of clothes and accessories.  I am a big fan and am looking forward to them opening in NYC in 12/13 on Lexington and 30th street.

Back to the hotel before dinner.


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  1. Adrian Bye

    AMAZING PICS!i love sushi.. when i was in japan a few years ago on the first “geeks on a plane” tour with dave mcclure, i went out by myself one night to have some local food. i came across a local hole in the wall sushi place.. i was the only foreigner and i had no idea about anything.i managed to order some sushi.. IT WAS THE MOST INCREDIBLE SUSHI I EVER HAD!! it was so incredibly fresh.. later on friends told me about the incredible supply chain set up in japan in order to get fresh sushi across the country very did your sushi compare to what you’ve had elsewhere?

    1. Gotham Gal

      the sushi has been incredible. we have been so some pretty awesome sushi places in nyc and los angeles too. the top ones in the states, imho, are just as good as the places we have been in japan such as yasuda, masa and my mind is going blank to the whole in the walls we have been in los angeles.

  2. MogulAzam

    Need to Make the Trip Thanks!

  3. takingpitches

    I love food halls, but outside the department store context, like the one in Grand Central or Eataly. Also, I haven’t had lotus root in a long long time; I need to find some here.

  4. William Mougayar

    Summary of your 4 days in Tokyo:Food, art, food, blog, food, art, art, food, blog, art, art, food, food, blog, food, art, blog, food, art, train. 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      Haha. You got it

  5. Wavelengths

    Love the pix! Love the food, the glimpses of the marvelous culture, architecture and art. I also love the shot of the toilet! :-)I remember a late evening in Patong when I snaked my way down an alley to find the ladies room. Nearly fell over laughing when I saw that the ceramic hole in the floor — similar to your example — was labeled (I kid you not!) American Standard. NOT American, and definitely NOT standard!

    1. Gotham Gal

      They love their toilets here. The place we are staying now does everything. The seat comes up when you enter the bathroom and flushes itself when you stand up and walk away. I could get used to these toilets. The hot seat works

  6. JLM

    .I am not going to be able to read your blog for a couple of days, I have gained 4 lbs..

    1. Gotham Gal


    2. Wavelengths

      Those were virtual pounds. Get a better mirror. And a higher quality massage!

      1. JLM

        .Yes, perhaps so. Happy New Year!.

  7. Erin Newkirk

    Fascinating! I’ve always wondered what Takashimaya was like in Japan. Was so, so sad when the NY store closed. Love Muji, too! Always a visit when I’m in Soho…

  8. Wavelengths

    Happy New Year! And as the customs agent will say, “Welcome back. Do you have anything to declare?”Go ahead. Declare the 4 lbs. of wonderful sushi you’re carrying. Remember that you are what you eat, and you’ve been eating the best of the best. You know you’ll shed it all in one wonderful blog when you distill your favorite thoughts about this time in Japan.Thanks again for the marvelous gastronomic extravaganza. For those of us who have tasted something like … your descriptions let us revisit nirvana. I feel like I got 3 unexpected days of vacation just by being treated to your blogs.

    1. Gotham Gal