Osaka Restaurant, Tokyo

You get on a plane in NYC, get yourself settled and 14 hours later you are in Tokyo.  That alone takes a bit to grasp.  You have just left your home and before you know it you are half way around the world.  Just for beginners the time zone piece wacks you out.  

I began planning this trip sometime last spring.  I used the service Trip-Bod, hand crafted trips by locals.  Jessica worked for Sally Broom last summer who is the entrepreneur behind this company.  She connected me with a guy in Japan who has been incredible.  He has listened to everythng I have said and what we are looking for.  He had restaurants and stores on his list that I had on mine.  That is always a good sign.  Not only that but the attention to detail and coordination of cars, maps etc is impressive.  I am really excited for the next 10 days.

Last night we got in around dinner time.  The restaurant is a 10 minute walk from our hotel but the concierge recommended we cab it.  Two separate cabs.  They gave us a map and a google map photo of the building so we knew what we were looking for when we got there.  Not so easy.  Our cab went to the wrong place first and I pushed him that it was not the right location because the photogaph did not look like the building.  Fred and Jessica were not so lucky.  They got out, they got lost, Josh and Emily had to send them the location of where we were through Google Maps.  Kind of harrowing but they eventually found it about 30 minutes after we got there.  Supposedly this is typical of cab drivers in Tokyo.  

The restaurant, Osaka, is only about 24 seats. tops.  6 of them are at the bar.  The menu is in Japanese so I had discussed earlier with our guide what we would eat.  We began with sake.  I love these small bottles that the sakes comes in.  It is like getting your own soda can.

We began with crunchy marinated cucumber sticks in a sesame spicy sauce.  Really good.

Stir fry mushrooms in a light soy based sauce.

Asparagus with a mayonaisse dipping sauce.

Grilled scallops with spinach.  Super simple and delicious.

Steak that was light, flavorful and had the consistency of butter that we dipped into a ponzu sauce mixture and salt.  

A mixture of stir fry vegetables and seafood in an egg mix allowing the mixture to set.  Then a Japanese bbq sauce and shaved benito over the top.  

They obviously knew we just got in.  

We walked home since we had our bearings straight.  What a day or two.  It is just a blur right now but I am sure in a day or so I will be on the program.  

Comments (Archived):

  1. fredwilson

    That steak was incredible. I am still thinking about it

    1. SallyBroom

      A truly great steak will do that to you!

  2. takingpitches

    Tripbod sounds like a cool idea — sit and dish with the locals avoiding the other tourists!Implementation seems off though; I searched for Japan and couldn’t find any tripbods.

    1. takingpitches

      restaurant looks like a winner for sure

      1. SallyBroom

        Thanks Gotham Gal :)Hi takingpitches – thanks for the kind words! is our marketplace application, where some of our community choose to create and build their own shops, full of local experiences and travel planning services. Our global network of local Tripbods, however, is much larger so that was what came into play for the Wilson family trip.Shoot me a note any time if you want to know more 🙂

        1. takingpitches

          Thanks Sally — will reach out when we are planning a trip. Best of luck in the meantime!

    2. Gotham Gal

      tripbod is amazing. highly recommend!

  3. William Mougayar

    I know what you mean when you land jet lagged & you feel you’re in a daze & surreal feelings. Your taxi episode – we had a similar one in London going to Pollen Street resto which you went to. My wife & I were to meet there coming from 2 separate cabs. Both our cabs got lost because they heard “Poland” Street which wasn’t too far from “Pow-Lin” street. I finally found it, but she had her cabbie call my phone & one cabbie gave instructions to the other one to get there.  

    1. Gotham Gal

      Gotta love technology

  4. michaelgalpert

    tokyo is one of my fave places in the world.i joke how its my “lost island” and i neeeeed to go back.quick tip when in shibuya.the standing sushi place is real good…[look for mega starbucks- turn leftcarry on and watch for it on the right.the sign is in englishno seats- order piece by piece]also go into any food market and EAT ALL THE FRUITexpensive but the best tasting fruit. o and they are all HUGE so you can easily split with famsafe travels

    1. Gotham Gal

      Ok. Im on it

  5. Lally Rementilla

    You guys just experienced “lost in translation” – literally. Glad that the dinner made it all worth it. Will you be going to Jiro’s for sushi?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Haha. Totally lost in translation. Bagging Jiro. Supposedly the price is insane for about a 20 minute experience

  6. JLM

    .The pictures, the pictures, the pictures — fabulous.Well played.Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!.