Chubby, Skinny and Accepting

Imgres-2I am a huge fan of Modern Love in the New York Times on Sunday mornings.  I think it is the first thing that my friend reads every Sunday morning.  It is just a great slice of life around different love stories.  Some are happy, some are sad and some are hilarious.  

Today the article, Chubby, Skinny and Accepting, was by Cole Kazdin who is a writer, producer and television producer in Los Angeles.  Not only did I laugh out loud at certain points, I could relate to it on a few different levels.  Cole grew up with a fat personality.  That means you see yourself as an overweight person.  My memory recalls me being a fatty growing up particularly in teenage years but funny enough when I look at old pictures I am not as heavy looking as I thought I was.  Needless to say those thoughts have come part of my psyche.  Today I still see a heavy person in the mirror who needs to lose 10 lbs at least.   There have been many moments in my life when I got thin.  Being thin meant basically starving because that is how I was able to stay at my "desired" weight.

I have certainly grown up and become less conscious of the scale.  I rarely get on it.  I do pay attention to what goes in my mouth.  I don't eat a lot of carbs and sometimes a few bites is all I need.  I also think that I get full quicker unless of course I have consumed huge quantities of alcohol.  I actually think the weight thing is a blessing and a curse for many reasons.  

I guess the bottom line is that over the years I have become more chubby ( in my head ) and accepting.