I do love my New York Times

Imgres-1I admit it, I love sitting down every morning with my New
York Times.  I am not a happy camper when
I do not get my paper. 

So wherever I am, I want my paper.  Yes I know I can get it online but it just
isn’t the same thing.  I like turning the
pages.  I particularly like my

I attempted to get the paper delivered this week while we
were out of town skiing.  We have an
account out there.  I called and asked
them to start/stop.  I would take 3 full
days to start and even though I called on Tuesday morning they could not
deliver a paper until Saturday.  The
computer was not capable of putting in a stop until I got the paper on Saturday
so I have to call back on Sunday to stop which takes another 3 days. 

Here is the thing.  I
know there are 21st Century pains happening over at the NY Times but
I am happy to have my paper delivered just like the old times.  Why is it so difficult to make their customer