Ifuki, Kyoto

Ifuki is located in the Gion section of Kyoto.  In my mind, this is what I thought Kyoto would look like.  Rambling streets and alley ways of old wooden homes.  It is like walking back in time.  We peeked into some of the places and although old outside some of them are modern inside.  It is a very cool area.

Ifuki is a Japanese grill restaurant owned by a husband and wife.  The meal was a mixture of different plates.  Really beautiful.  We started out with this crab dish.


Miso soup with tofu
Miso soup with a small piece of silky tofu.  Really interesting and quite good.

Sashimi including blow fish
Sashimi including a rich toro and blow fish.

Crab dumplings in a light broth.

This piece made the meal.  A warm roasted piece of white fish wrapped around warm sushi rice.  This melted in your mouth. This might have been one of the top things I ate in Japan. Amazing.

I also loved this plate.  A variety of roasted vegetables Japanese style.  Each piece was roasted (except for the lotus root chip) with just a little bit of salt.  So good.

A gelatinous soup with poached fish.  The combination of textures did nothing for me but Fred licked his bowl clean.

Kobi beef.

This was more of a mouth cleanse.  Orange and raw fish.

Rice with a leek chicken miso soup.

Dessert was a small piece of cake and a pear gelato over a piece of poached pear.  Nice ending.  Looking back what is most interesting is what is served first and last over the course of the meal.