Tasting day  The brilliance of this company is the curated products ( as well as other things ) but everything is fantastic.  They have searched high and low for the best products.  Many of these companies might have websites but the chance that you might find them are slim to none.  When you can go to Mouth and spend time seeing each individual product that appeals to you and just popping it into your box is a dream. 

I went over to visit the office of on Friday.  Friday is key because it is tasting day.  I got to taste a variety of products.  I seriously love this stuff. 

I was telling my brother about the site and he went on it while we were on the phone.  He did what we have seen most customers do, hang out.  The products are amazing.  You can not help oohing and aahing and buying.  They have aggregated the most incredible chocolate, jerky, pickles, jellies, etc on the web.  There is a lot more coming in the next year too.  Shipments on the way out.

New york mouth
Great for gifts, great for yourself.  I am absolutely sending out the Valentines Gifts in the next week from


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  1. takingpitches

    Reminds me of a higher end, online Trader Joes with the curated product that makes you want to linger!

  2. awaldstein

    So they are stocking inventory it seems, a retailer not a marketplace?Their taste is their brand like Fab.Checking them out.BTW–would be interesting to do a small conference around NYC startups in the food biz building hybrid delivery/shipping models. Super interested in this global neighborhood idea.

    1. Gotham Gal

      it would be interesting. yes, they own their inventories.

      1. awaldstein

        It’s also one of the areas that Shopify needs to expand on.When building our store, we had to hack it hard and they know that they need to rethink delivery workflow. Great support and we’ve discussed this a lot.They might be a great sponsor.

  3. David Miller

    Sounds an awful lot what we talked about a few weeks back. I’m glad to see someone doing this (and I’m glad it’s not me).

  4. Eric Friedman

    Great domain name! I am going to check it out.

  5. daryn

    I miss foodzie (both the box and the marketplace), but this looks pretty darn nice.Maybe I should take this chance to wish you a happy early valentine’s day? hah.

    1. Gotham Gal

      you will LOVE this site. not too early for the happy Vday. I already sent out my gifts!!

  6. LE

    Would be interesting to see if Mouth can somehow get it’s makers to license the more perishable products for production in small batches in other regions of the country for “closer to market” distribution.For example there is a bakery across the street from my office that has bread that is phenomenal (we actually call it “nasty bread”) it’s multigrain and really hearty. I buy a loaf a week. But don’t think it would ship well to Portland or even NYC. If they were on mouth and someone wanted the bread in Chicago mouth could setup the network to make that happen. No way for the local nasty bread maker to do that.