The Other Place, Manhattan Theater Club

TheotherplaceWe are definitely not seeing as much theater as we used to see.  We have basically wound down to having a subscription with the Manhattan Theater Club and that is it.  I might ramp up again in a few years or just pick them individually.  My friend is going with the latter and I think she might be on to something.  The only thing is that you have to pay attention, be organized and hope you pick the winners.  Not that easy but then again theater never is.

We went to a matinee of The Other Place starrring Laurie Metcalf who plays a brilliant neurologist who is slowly losing her mind.  The story unfolds over this one act play.  Metcalf is tremendous.  She must be absolutely exhausted at the end of each performance. 

One thing to note (that I really liked )is that of the four actors, one of them happens to be Metcalfs real life daughter.  That must be pretty cool to be able to perform together on the Broadway stage.


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  1. Jonathan

    Saw the play last night. Absolutely incredible. I cannot imagine how draining the performance must be on the actors, especially Laurie Metcalf. I liked how the beginning of the play was so confusing (for the viewer — well, at least for me); a metaphor for what her life was becoming. Another thing I like is that the seats @ MTC are really comfortable and have enough leg room for my 6′ 2″ frame.We have moved away from subscriptions too. It happened after back-to-back seasons of awful plays at one subscription-based theater a couple years back. The financial advantage of a subscription have been cannibalized by the plentiful discounts showing up everywhere. There is little incentive to lock in tickets before knowing more about the play.We do belong to the Lincoln Center Theater and the Public. We see almost everything the LCT does — and the subscription makes sense there. You should be on the lookout for LCT3 productions in their fantastic new theater. The space is intimate, the plays up to LCT’s exacting standards, and tickets a very friendly $20. We got a kick seeing Aisif Mandvi’s excellent performance in “Disgraced”, sitting a row or two in front of Samantha Bee and Jason Jones! As for the Public, I like supporting them and wish we saw more there. 2nd Stage is another company I have toyed with a subscription to, but haven’t pulled the trigger.

    1. Gotham Gal

      The Public is a pain in the ass for a subscription. They tell you what is available and you have only four weeks to see the play.