House of Cards and Repurpose product placement

Repurpose House of Cards Episode 10
I have begged off TV for years after all there is only so much time in the day and I do love to read.  I know from my kids that the content on TV is sometimes so much better than watching a movie.  Better character development.  The last time I was totally absorbed in TV was during the HBO heyday of Six Feet Under and The Sopranos.  I believe Sex and the City was around at that time too.  I loved those shows. 

I finally decided to get into the swing of things and watch all the Girls shows.  Brilliant.  Then came House of Cards.  The whole idea that Neflix put up 10 shows at the same time so you can just sit down and watch an entire season without every touching the dial (the shows just run back to back) is so genius.

I have always been a fan of Kevin Spacey.  He is such a great actor and he is better than ever in the House of Cards.  Watching him powerfully manipulate the inner circles of Washington DC is pretty awesome.  The writing is so clever that I want to sit down with a pad of paper and pen and write some of the lines down to use myself. 

I am working on investing in Repurpose, just a little bit of tweaking of the documents, and Lauren sent me this picture over the week.  Nice product placement. 

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  1. awaldstein

    I’m a huge fan, of Spacey, of Robin Penn Wright and of this series.We devoured it in a two weekends, all 13 Chapters.There’s a new genre here that I love. Episodic storytelling that is written like a novel, two years at a time, not week by week or season by season like the Sopranos.I’m already anxious for the next 13 Chapters.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I need to finish this first roll. Am loving it.

  2. falicon

    I’m a huge fan (and believer) of product placement…this one is tiny and prob. overlooked by most but I think it’s still a great win (especially since House of Cards is getting so much love right now)…very cool.

  3. Jonathan

    You might enjoy this article from the Speakeasy section of the WSJ on “Girls”. It is a very articulate and thoughtful conversation between a mother and her college-age daughter about their take on the show.

    1. Gotham Gal

      thanks. will definitely read.

  4. Susan

    HI. Love the show. Curious, what are your thoughts about his wife; Finding it to hard to “read” her.

  5. Tom Hughes

    A world where we take interactivity in our media for granted is a world where product placement will thrive; and it will get subtler over time (“honey, replay that last bit and tell me what you think of Lena Dunham’s blouse”). Look for jobs like “stylist” to move from below-the-line to above-the-line — part of home the money is raised, not just spent. Great post!

    1. Gotham Gal

      i agree, subtler over time.

  6. Andrew K Kirk

    Someone recently commented to me how he had heard that there were “so many” product placements in House of Cards. I’ve watched the entire season and I didn’t notice once, except for maybe a high number of apple products. I thought it was conscious decision by set designers to make the characters look hip, as opposed to placement.So are there lots of placements and I’ve just become desensitized to it? And if so, is my brain’s subconscious becoming filled with 10,000 marketing and advertising messages. without me evening know it.

    1. Gotham Gal

      completely desensitized.

  7. Abdallah Al-Hakim

    just started watching this show last week and am immensely enjoying it. I definitely didn’t notice much product placement so it must be done very well and subtly!