Loverly relaunches


Today Loverly relaunches. Click on the link and take a look. 

The site is incredibly user friendly.  I love the business model.  Search for weddings.  You can create your own bundles and concepts in your own one easy location on the site.  You can purchase products from the site.  You can find vendors from the site.  You can discover on the site.  You can also get ideas for your own wedding from the site.  The annual spend on weddings in just the United States is around $100 billion.

Hearts onwall
The launch party was last week.  You know you are at a launch party that is run by a woman entrepreneur when there are beautiful hearts pinned on the wall.

There are champagne glasses lined up with raspberries in each one for your enjoyment.

When the food table is color coordinated and set up perfectly.

I spent some time in the back seeing the new site.  They did an amazing job.  BIg hats off to the team. 
Especially loving the new logo.  Bold just like the woman, Kellee Khalil, steering the ship. 


Comments (Archived):

  1. kirklove

    Really well done. Congrats Kellee and crew.

  2. Kellee

    Thanks for sharing Joanne! We have been working so hard to push this live! XO

  3. William Mougayar

    Wow. Beautiful and engaging. I love the emphasis on exploring via images.Congratulations Kellee.

  4. rachelsklar

    SO proud of Kellee and team – they are just pushing forward relentlessly, following a big vision. It’s been so fantastic to watch. And it’s just getting better! Feel lucky to be part of it.

  5. Shola Abidoye

    Delightful logo! “The annual spend on weddings in just the United States is around $100 billion. ” – is utterly astounding…..

  6. Shola Abidoye

    Oh and I wonder what the numbers are worldwide….