Savoring the Shore

Hurricane Sandy left an aftermath in its wake.  Unless you are living through it, you honestly have zero idea that communities are still suffering.  We are far from suffering but our heat is still not up to speed and I believe everything will be back on line by Friday. I know that we are one of the luckier buildings.  We have still yet to see our insurance money show up.  Yes, four months of documented devastation and no insurance money.  Makes you wonder right?

Cheryl Larkin ( who reached out to me ) and her daughter are creating a brand new cookbook to benefit Sandy relief on the NJ Shore.  They are requesting recipes and memories from not only local people and chefs but people who visit the Jersey shore every summer. 

Here is a link to their website.  Get the word out, submit a recipe and I plan on buying a cookbook when they are ready to sell.  I love that they are doing this.  Great good will for the community on many levels.