24 hours in Los Angeles

Rubyearly in the day
I love Los Angeles.  I went to Los Angeles this past week to my nieces Grandparents and Special Persons day.  Our kids had the same thing at their school during their elementary years.  The schools are similar except we are on the east coast and they are on the west coast.  This is my niece Rubys last year before moving in to the middle school so I was the closer of this event. 

Happened to be her birthday the night I flew in so it was perfect.  We went to Mr Chows for dinner.  She loves Chinese food so I assume everyone figured it would be special.  We had a great time but honestly I can not believe people actually still go to Mr. Chows.  The food is just terrible.  There was not one thing worth eating.  The sate is neon orange, the duck is dried out, the spare ribs appear to have been cooked days ago and reheated, it is awful.  The worst part is that they charge an arm and a leg for this.  All they need to do is get in a new chef who can make the recipes which are just classic Chinese.  Alas.

In the morning we went to school.  I got the full on tour.  Got to see Rubys art work.  Love this piece.  Learning photoshop at this age is key. 

Ruby also wrote this piece which was picked up for a card that went out to the school.

This is a self portrait done with construction paper.  I love the description.  Ruby loves to be in the kitchen.

I sat through the performances of each grade.  They were short and sweet.  Brought me back to our kids earlier years.  Rubys was the last one. 

Really glad I came.  She's just a great kid. 

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  1. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Love the construction paper self-portrait 🙂

    1. Gotham Gal

      Me too

      1. takingpitches

        So talented

  2. CCjudy

    And she cooks? Judy

    1. Gotham Gal

      she sure does!

  3. rachel

    having a fabulous aunt is just about the greatest thing ever.

  4. rebeccastees

    awww,,,,,,, so touching!

  5. Erin Newkirk

    Ruby sounds amazing! And how perfectly are you two matched?! Art, food, fashion…Loved this post Joanne!

  6. Andrea

    The best thing about Mr. Chow’s is waiting in line for the bathroom so you get to observe the large art pieces on the walls. That’s about it.