An evening in Salt Lake City

Last week we went down to Salt Lake City to watch the Knicks Jazz game.  Knicks won! We are big basketball fans in our house.  It is fun to go see our team play in different venues.  Also, it is interesting to see the fans in each city. 

The arena is much smaller than Madison Square Garden.  MSG has been slightly renovated the past year but honestly it could use a serious redo.  This has been talked about forever.  Hopefully one day.  It is like when you fly back to the country and have to go through customers in Kennedy it is mortifying that this is the first thing you see when landing in the United States.  MSG should look the part. 

We had dinner in town at Naked Fish before going to the game.  Sorry no pics.  The restaurant is walking distance from the arena so it was the perfect location. 

It is amazing that you can get back up to Park City in 30 minutes after being down in SLC to see a game.  You honestly can't beat it. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. William Mougayar

    How was it like cheering for the Knicks while you were there. Did you get weird stares?

    1. Gotham Gal

      a little bit but we were not the only ones

  2. ChuckEats

    next time try Forage for dinner; and Les Madeleines for arguably the best kouign amann in the country