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The People's Best New Chef: Michael Toscano

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Michael Toscano

Restaurant Perla (Read a review)

Location New York City, NY

Why He’s Amazing Because he’s putting his talent for cooking all things meat into some of the best and boldest Italian food around.

Culinary School American Culinary Federation apprenticeship at the Pinehurst Resort (Pinehurst, NC)

Background Bouchon Bakery, Babbo, Manzo (New York City)

Quintessential Dish Cavatelli with duck ragù and foie gras

What He Cooks at Home When time permits, “I love cooking Mexican food like my mother and father cooked when I was young: caldo de pollo, tamales, barbacoa de res, tostadas, and my all-time favorite, menudo (beef tripe soup).”

Meat-Centric Even the cocktail menu at Perla has carnivorous leanings. The Tombstone Sunday Nights combines bourbon with pepperoni bitters.

Ingredient He Can’t Live Without Vinegar. It makes food “bright and sharp.”

I love a good contest.  Food and Wine just posted the runner-ups for the peoples choice best new chef award.  I am shamelessly promoting Perlas chef extraordinaire Michael Toscano.  In full transparency we are investors in all of Gina and Gabe Stulmans restaurants but if you ever ate any of Michaels food you would understand why he is easy to promote.

He is an outstanding chef.  His take on Italian food is delicious.  The pastas are among the best I have ever had.  His is constantly creating new and interesting dishes.  As my friend texted me from his meal "Perla is mental". 

So if you are so inclined, please vote for Michael (click here).  For true confirmation, go eat there. I promise you will be glad you went, full but very happy.  The food is beyond divine. 

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  1. William Mougayar

    Just did. I have yet to try his 24 hr steak which Fred & Kirk rave about.