Pier 94, Armory Show

I have a feeling that the 2nd annual Frieze Show in May is making an impact on the Armory Show.  I know some of the galleries have opted for the Frieze over the Armory.  I always enjoy the show but was not as wowed as I have been in years past. 

Ode to pot
Here were the highlights for me.  Todd Pavlisko, Samon Projects in Boston.  Not sure what Todd calls this but I call it ode to the bong with Carl Sagan hanging out in the middle. 

I am a sucker for neon art.  Peter Liversidge, Ingelby Gallery London.

I love the photographs of Jung Lee.  One and J. Gallery, Seoul, Korea.  Might still get one.

Max Neumann at Bruce Silverstein.  This photo does not do the piece justice.  Almost 8 feet tall.  A beautiful painting. 

French gallery
I check out this artist every year from Galerie Laurent in Paris but never seem to pull the trigger.

I bought this piece.  "My nose is growing Now" by Ramon Serrano.  It is a pastel.  He is a Cuban refugee who finally got him and his family out and is now living in Toronto.  The lies you tell yourself to exist it the theme here. Just spoke to me.

I also bought this photograph by Mike Brodie.  A series of very raw photographs that Brodie took while traveling with a bunch of young hobos in the Northwest.  Very powerful.  Yossi Millo Gallery.  I have bought a few things from Yossi over the years.  He has a great eye.

There were paintings and prints from Harland Miller throughout the show.  This one is pretty funny.

This sculpture just spoke to me.  It is a funny thing how you walk through a show and you are drawn to the most random things.  The artist is Marcus Harvey, the piece is called Mr. Punch at the Other Criteria Gallery in London.

Love this Snowman.  He is like 8 feet tall.  Tony Tasset, Kavi Gupta gallery in Berlin.

Beautiful painting.  Marius Bercea at Blain Southern.

I am a huge fan of Alec Soth.  I really need to buy one of his pieces. Brilliant photographer.  This is not typical of his work although I am not so sure he does anything typical.  

This is called the Cake.  It is a painting.  Rafael Carnerio at Lucianobrito from Sao Paulo.

They also have this piece which I might go back for.  Fydor Pavlov-Andreevich.  Ipanema Under the Snow.

As always, just a treat to walk around and see what is happening in the art world…and of course if you can pick up a piece. 




Comments (Archived):

  1. Olivia Michele Gelade

    Great photos – sad I missed it !

  2. ShanaC

    I loved that Marius Bercea when I saw it in person. So evocative of everything I love about summer. The colors in person just blew me away.

    1. Gotham Gal

      me too. really beautiful.

  3. andyidsinga

    love the Mike Brodie.