Generation SPF

3-stepsMy Mom had this great idea when I was a young teen that it would be a great experiment if she started me out on the top skincare products at a young age to see what it would do for my skin in the long run.  The idea was that instead of playing the catch-up game when you wake up at 30 and realize that you need to moisturize your skin and take care of your face that you had been doing it all along.  What would happen if you started that at 8?

My Mom never did follow through on that concept but I do think about it from time to time as I get older.  There is no doubt that genes play a huge part on our skin as we age but so does that amount of time we sat in the sun with baby oil and record albums covered with tin foil to reflect the sun for a sun tan. 

There is a great article in WMagazine this month about SPF that made me think about this.  The article is about how 35 years ago the FDA introduced the SPF system.  We began doing early skin cancer screening.  The next generation of kids were covered with sun block when they went out side, went to camp, went to the pool or went to the park.  There became sun block in the diaper bag along with a juice box and a bag of pretzels.  What has happened essentially is the we have saved our face, literally. 

People who are 30 have the skin of a 20 year old because they have taken care of their skin since they were young.  It makes complete sense.  That is why when I met Christy of Willa Skincare that I got it and I invested and got involved.  She has created a product that kids want.  Of course the Moms want it too but you have to get the kids to want the product not the Moms to push it on their kids.  I know my nieces love the products.  If you have young kids and are sending them off to camp this summer make sure to send the Willa products in their camp bag.  When your kid gets older they will thank you.  BTW, I love the products too.


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  1. Ella Dyer

    Good advice; all skin tones will benefit. I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful woman behind Willa last year and am glad to see she’s making much deserved progress. Thanks again for your support of female led companies; I can’t wait until Startup Chicks has a NYC chapter, which should be soon thanks to Jen, our “chief chick”.

  2. AMT Editorial Staff

    Just to let you know, we ordered the SPF 30 sunscreen. So hard to find a non-chemical screen that doesn’t paint the kids’ faces white!

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. mwilkotz

    I got the facial wash for my 10-year-old and it is great! Thanks so much for letting us know about their products!