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L'Oreal has put a stake in the ground to support women in technology. The 2013 Women in Digital program and call for nominations is
live today.

This year, they are asking for nominations on women-led technology companies, and L'Oreal 
will be awarding three grand-prize winners.

 This year our winners will receive the following:

  1. A guaranteed pilot with case study with one of brands (NEW)
  2. Q&A’s with members of our Advisory Board (i.e. How to Apply for TechStars, How to Pitch Women 2.0, etc.)(NEW)
  3. Introduction to investors, L'Oréal executives and VC firms
  4. Roundtrip tickets to NYC to attend our NEXT Generation Awards
  5. Press opportunities
  6. Ongoing mentorship from L'Oréal USA executives and Advisory Board members

They also added some criteria as well for this year:

L’Oreal is looking
to recognize best-in-class women-operated companies that can help us
engage with CONNECTED CONSUMERS meeting the following objectives for
L’Oréal USA (one or more):

•Create a digital
experience helping beauty shoppers choose and purchase beauty products
in mass retailers, hair salons, online or at beauty counters and
specialty stores.

•Leverage and gather data to help us acquire new customers across our portfolio of brands.

•Provide us with a
new channel for customer acquisition or loyalty for beauty customers
across all digital platforms, mobile and emerging technology.

•Able to create
technology to help diagnose and recommend beauty regimens for skincare
analysis, makeup and hair color trials driving to online or in-store

•Any disruptive technology that we may not even know about today.

To nominate someone or to share with your networks, use the following link:


Nominations close May 20th.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Marjan Ghara

    Smart. It’s a win-win for L’Oréal and the women entrepreneurs in this space. More companies should consider sponsoring innovations in their industries.

  2. JLM

    .This is exactly how to further the interests of women in technology or other women centric markets — get companies who have a huge stake in women to participate.This completely evaporates the necessity to explain or discuss or debate the wisdom of the initiative.Women are the core business of many businesses. Leverage that reality.It is not even necessary to have the initiatives be focused on the underlying industry — successful women are going to spend more money on L’Oreal products regardless of from whence that success flows.Bit simplistic, one cell brain thinking but, hey, simple is good.JLM.

  3. pointsnfigures

    Suretint.com. Lead by a fantastic woman, Beth Christie.