Power Hour/Step Up Auction

Logo_subpageThis will be the second year where I get auctioned off at the Power Hour.  It is live now.  The proceeds go thru an organization that celebrates the power of mentors through Step Up.  Step Up is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and girls find their full potential through impactful after school programs, professional women connections (aka mentoring) and inspring everyone involved with Step Up to invest in the future of the women they touch.  It is the perfect partnership for these two organizations.

Last year I had lunch with a great guy who bid and won to have lunch with me.  There are a bunch of interesting things to bid on.  Take a look and if one sparks your interest, go for it.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Andrea

    What a cool concept for a fundraiser! I haven’t heard of the event (or organization actually), so I just checked it out, and think StepUp has a wonderful mission & and strategy. After school programs are so important. I’ve gone to fundraisers before, but this is fun and creative great idea they have. Thanks for introducing Step Up to us. This type of organization is right up my alley. Will look into ways to be involved.

  2. online auction software

    This is a wonderful cause I am very proud that people are looking to promote education. Thumbs up for it! Definitely like this organization for putting in so much effort to work for women and to provide them with a fantastic opportunity to learn!