Question of the week #27

ImgresA woman who I know is an actress.  She said she will know that gender issues have changed when people stop asking her what is it like to be a woman actress in the roles she is getting.  She said she looks forward to the day when people just ask what it is like to be an actress, period.  I bring this up because the "woman" issue is in every single industry. 

Here is the question this week.

I attended the launch for the new book Creative Entrepreneurship produced by KBSP (
You're husband Fred was a contributor (and a great one at that of
course). The book though only had 1 female contributor out of approx 13
or so. Perhaps there should there have been more women contributors in
the book..? If a book was done again at this present time, what women
would you ask to be contributors? (BTW, I would suggest the Great
Performances CEO and Founder you invited to WeFest as one idea). 

There are so many incredible women entrepreneurs out there that I find it hard to believe that the Creative Entrepreneurship could not come up with an equal balance of men to women.  It does not matter what the level of success achieved meaning the company that grows to be a multi million dollar valuation vs a thirty million dollar valuation has lessons to be learned from too.  Stories to be told on how they got there.  Frustrations they had a long the way, employees they had to fire, deals they had to negotation, decisions that had to be made about where to spend the cash in regards to how that money will drive the revenues in the long run, etc.

That is why I write the Monday series Woman Entrepreneur of the week.  That particular post takes me the longest amount of time every week.  I talk to many women and hear their stories and then I have to put that into words.  It is not easy but I do it not only because I enjoy each aspect of the story but because it is important for others to see that women are forging on their own as entrepreneurs and making an impact in the world.  Big visions, life style visions, consumer product visions, food visions, technology visions, etc.  I could name dozens of brilliant women that could have contributed to that book.  If they could not find more than one person out of thirteen then shame on them for not looking past their own doorway. 

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  1. Laura Yecies

    I agree that it is certainly possible to have an equal number of women. BTW regarding the actress point – I heard Geena Davis speak and she refuses to be called “actress” she believes both genders should have the same title of “actor” just like we do for teacher, doctor etc.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Totally agree with her

    1. Gotham Gal

      wow. why does a novelist have to be separated by gender?

      1. bsoist

        Exactly. If you must separate due to the number of listings, at least have a male and female – without redirecting the main to male. A refreshing change, actually, would have been to separate them and create a male category instead.