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A&B pepper sauce
I see a variety of consumer food businesses.  They are such hard businesses to build but I am always taken with the entrepreneurs and the passion for their products. 

I recently met with the two co-founders of A&B pepper sauce.  They have made some inroads selling  their product and are adding a second sauce soon.  I admit that many of the products I see and taste are good not great.  I understand the void if they are making an interesting drink or something glutten free but remember this is about the product first business second. 

I love the A&B Pepper Sauce.  Am honestly eating it with everything.  It isn't too spicy but just has the perfect amount of bite.  The sauce enhances what you are eating and doesn't take it over.  I am finding myself putting the sauce out for dinner just as I put out salt and pepper. The ingredients are simple too
White Vinegar, Red Chili Pepper, Carrot, Habanero Pepper, Salt.  No sugar which is a big selling point for them.

I am not an investor but I am impressed with the taste profile they have built.  Looking forward to tasting the next product they add to the line.



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  1. awaldstein

    Getting ready to write a post on the pluses and gaping holes in building your food biz on Shopify.Amazing things done well like not one issue with ordering even with all the custom work on our shop.Huge holes in reporting (there is none), SKU maintenance.As a tech guy for a career, having a food biz in the family has been quite an experience.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Its a totally different experience

      1. awaldstein

        Yup…the passion of the customers towards your product and brand are somewhat astounding and inspiring.BTW–Retail for is rocking!

        1. Christine

          Especially where hot sauce is concerned!

          1. awaldstein

            Don’t know about that but I know it is true when it deals with women’s health and nutrition.Demanding, smart, amazingly loyal customers who share what they love.

  2. Andrea

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about them, and I look forward to trying it out in a new bloody Mary.

    1. Gotham Gal


  3. Eric Friedman

    Brian is one of the smartest/most ambitious interns I have ever had – and I also love his pepper sauce! It has been a staple at our office ever since, and its great that he has put so much passion into this project/Company which is now seeing the fruits of his labor.