Little Prince

Little Prince located between Sullivan and Sixth Avenue took over the Shortys .32 space.  They have transformed the space from a dark claustrophobic room into a 38 seat open airy clean room.  The large windows open up to the street on a nice night allowing diners to feel like they are sitting on the street.  No art hangs from the walls allowing the simply white concrete painted block to set the edgy yet warm feeling. 

They opened theirs doors on April 10th.  The kitchen is still working out a few kinks such as flow and running out of a main dish but the execution on every dish we had was spot on.  A great new addiiton to Soho.  We had a mixture of appetizers to start.  I began with the beet salad. Red and golden beets cut into tiny cubes mixed with pieces of grapefruit.  Small pistachio nuts sprinkeld over the top with the salad sitting over a nice light chevre.  I really loved this salad.  Light simple and full of flavor.  The grapefruit gave the salad just the right shot of citrus. 

We all split the steak tartare.  Large chopped pieces of sirloin with a hint of seasoning that tasted like a little sherry.  Spread over big slabs of toasted warm bread.  Perfect for the table.

Frisee au Lardons is a classic French salad.  I always find this salad just a bit heavy to start off a meal.  They made the salad a little too salty.  The right salad for lunch.

If you love pepper this one is for you.  An aged steak coated with peppercorns served with a pepper sauce on the side served up with creamed swiss chard or maybe it was spinach.  The veggie part was not so good.  Rich and tasteless.  I'd recommend moving into fries here which we had as a side to share and they were really good. 

Crisp skinned juicy chicken with two slices of salad on top and a warm vinaigrette on the side.  The random two pieces of garlic thrown on top are not necessary.  Kind of scared me when I saw them but the dish did not have any garlic in it.  The chicken was perfect.  We wanted to order the dover sole for two but they were out when we got there.  Reason to come back.

Our friends had the lamb for two.  Looked good but I did not taste.  They could have given them two more lamb chops.  A little light for two people.  Came with a small serving of orzo as a side.

A thin sliced apple tart with a scoop of mint ice cream on the side. 

Toasted pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top.  I really like toasting the cake. 

Cookies and milk
Jacque Torres chocolate chip cookie with a rum infused milk for dipping.  Do not let a child drink that milk, woah.

A rich vanilla pudding almost like a panna cotta with some fresh berries.

All and all I really enjoyed my meal. The menu is simple which I like too. Jacque Torres is making their desserts.  The chef is also the owner, Paul Denamiel and there are a few other restaurant people who have been in the industry for awhile so they know what they are doing.  I hope they eventually open for lunch.  FYI, they do not have a website yet and they should get one. 


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  1. William Mougayar

    Can you elaborate on “Jacques Torres is making their desserts”? Do they buy ready-made pieces from him or did he design a desert menu for them which they execute in their kitchen? thanks

    1. Gotham Gal

      he designed a dessert menu for them

  2. JLM

    .Another culinary triumph, pictorial splendor and mouth watering write up.There is a very real possibility that reading this review could cost one 8-900 calories in just the visual consumption.But, life, life is meant to be lived well, no?Well played.JLM.