National Girlfriends Networking Day

5988623133-3First off I just love the name.  National Girlfriends Networking Day is a nationwide celebration of making connections.  Events take place around the country on June 4th. I am going to be on a panel that day from 12-1 EST with three amazing women; Lesley Jane Seyour the editor of MORE magazine, Taj Williams-Franklin a WNBA coach, player and community activist and Soledad O'Brien Emmy award winning journalist.  We will be taking questions through social media from nationwide participants.  I am really looking forward to it. 

I was introduced to Amy Siskind who is the co-founder of the New Agenda.  An impressive woman who was a highly successful Wall Street executive who decided to hop off the train when kids came into the picture.  Having a daughter made her really think about the importance of networking and community among women.  Amy speaks in college campuses talking about the importance of economic empowerment for women. 

Amy is inspirational and passionate about what she is trying to do at New Agenda.  The title says it all and so does the tag line; a voice for all women.  Women need to encourage each other to network and connect one on one.  We need to applaud each other and the choices we make with the hope that many of us grow into leadership positions.  All of these reasons are why we should celebrate National Girlfriends Networking day.

Hope you tune in and register now. 

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  1. Lisa Abeyta

    Your post inspired me, Joanne. I’m organizing an event in Albuquerque! The city is providing the Kimo Theatre, an historic venue retrofitted with high tech, so we’ll be live streaming your panel followed by a local panel of local women. Looking forward to bringing a woman-centered event to our city that promotes women networking.

    1. Gotham Gal