A weekend in the city

On Thursday I was in my office being interviewed and taped for the WSJ segment on mentorship.  My phone kept vibrating.  The only people would call constantly to get in touch with me would be our kids especially if it was an emergency.  The producer handed me my phone and sure enough Josh had called me 5 times in a row.  He had also Kik'd me to call him, emergency.  Oh shit.  I called him and he informed me that he thought he had either fractured his wrist or disclocated it last night playing basketball.  Fantastic news. 

Josh came downstairs as we wrapped up and his wrist was definitely not looking good.  Emergency room?  Definitely not.  I had the number of a orthopedic pediatric doctor in my contacts and called her.  She no longer practiced but they hooked me up with a doctor at NYU whose nurse could not have been nicer.  When someone asked how soon can you get here that is a good sign.  We jumped in a cab and was in and out of her hospital office in roughly over an hour with the news and a cast.  Fractured wrist needing a non-water proof cast over the elbow.  That was no ok and I pushed.  In the end he got a cast under the elbow that was waterproof.  At least functional. 

The next day Josh had the treat of having all four wisdom teeth out.  We also had a 50th Bday party for Rick Field, Ricks Picks, on Saturday night so we stayed in the city instead of heading out to the beach.  The picture above was Rick's bday cake.  So awesome.

On Sunday Fred and I decided it was time to get out in the world as Josh was feeling just fine.  We went uptown to see a matinee, The Explorers Club at Manhattan Theater Club.  When you went into the play there was a sign saying to take photos of the set and send them out to friends.  I love that.  I took this pic although the usher did not get the memo on photo taking.  We walked out at intermission.  Silly slapstick comedy with characters neither of us cared for so why stay for act 2.

We walked over to the MOMA with hopes of seeing the rain room.  2.5 hour wait.  Not happening.  We went inside to see the Corbusier exhibit.  Wow.  If you love architecture it is a must.  The renderings from the 1920's could easily be renderings of modern structures today.  Impressive.

Since we were out and about we shot up to the Guggenheim to see the James Turrell exhibit which just opened this weekend.  Light is such a key component to good architecture so seeing this next was just perfect.  It is a must see.  The entire center of the Guggenheim has been transformed into this dimensional cone that filters light.  The light changes over the course of the day.  People are lying on these large sofas. It's just awesome. 

Enough culture. We went back home for an early meal and a little r & r to get ready for the week ahead. 

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  1. Rohan

    4 wisdom teeth at one shot – that’s brutal. I had them done 2 at a time and I understand that’s recommended procedure.It’s a good sign though – those of us who are too wise at our age need some of it to be taken out so the others can keep up. The things we do, the sacrifices we make….;-)

    1. Cam MacRae

      I had all 4 done too — looked like some kind of exotic fish for a week, but after that it was all good. Still, there’s no way they’d get me back for a second round.

      1. Rohan


  2. William Mougayar

    Le Corbusier. Wow that brings back memories.

  3. johndodds

    Sorry to read about Josh’s wrist, but I’m oddly fascinated by the process you described and wondered what would have happened under the NHS over here where the patient tends to be more passive and fails to see themself as a customer – for want of a better word.Would I be correct in assuming that the non-waterproof cast was the default/highest margin treatment for the hospital and, if it’s not prying, can I ask whether your legitinate insistence for a more practical solution required any negotiation with insurers?

    1. Gotham Gal

      the doctor actually said that studies has shown that what i pushed for is fine. the doc considered herself very conservative but said that in the end i could make the decision. i was impressed with that.

  4. Julia Wilson

    Wow, rough weekend for Josh. Hope he’s feeling better!

    1. Gotham Gal

      much better. thanks!

  5. ShanaC

    I love james turell and he is way overdue for a retrospectiveAs for wisdom teeth – be glad he is doing them now instead of like me – I’m doing them late, and it even though mine are not impacted, it apparently gets more painful as you get older

    1. Gotham Gal

      it does. not the same thing but i had my tonsils out at 30. not pretty.