Data Points

220px-Closest_pair_of_points.svgData is a word that is on a trajectory upward in the tech industry.  We can sell the data, we can collect that data, we have data that nobody else is aggregating, our business is being built on data…blah, blah, blah.  Not to poke fun as I am invested in a variety of businesses that are profiting from data.  Data is key to so many things including decision making, big picture thoughts and insight into people.

I had lunch with a very good friend who I have known since the beginning of our careers.  After almost a decade of staying home she is starting to get back on the career train.  We had a really interesting conversation about data points and now I can't get it out of my head. 

She is a very insightful person in regards to people and relationships.  She is a believer in anything that happens when it comes to relationships or decisions made is just a data point.  Those data points are just to be remembered and understood.  It doesn't mean that you can change anything or necessarily expect anything from a person but something to think about. 

It could be akin to red flags or glimpses into someones personality.  All of those things are data points.  For some reason I keep thinking about a mother and a little boy I knew years ago.  The kid was into his guitar and crayons but his parents were into him being an athlete.  The parents pushed that kid to be an athlete and not surprising he hated it.  Data point.

It might be a big duh but in my mind I am taking a look at everything from a whole new angle, life is all about a data point aka a set of measurements.