Taxes and reality

TaxesA few things happened when we spent time in Tennessee recently.   When we went through the airport on the way out it was interesting to see how the TSA works in Knoxville. 

I believe the funding from the TSA is split among each state and if you don't use the cash you don't get it.  The place is chocked with TSA guards.  They are more hardcore than JFK.  When you check in you have to put your bag through the xray machines after they get checked in.  Then they are shipped off to the plane you are taking.  They have basically spent money on every possible security check there is.

Once you get to the other side, through security, there is a constant reel of someone announcing to be careful watching out for bags, etc.  I am not poo-pooing security but this is a pretty small airport and I'd love to know how much of our tax dollars are going towards this.  Call me crazy but I am not sure Knoxville is a hotbed for terrorism. 

Here is the one thing that truly stuck with me.  I went to get us some water bottles before boarding the plane.  The guy in front of me was buying at USA Today.  The cashier told him he did not need to stand in line and in the future he can just leave the $1 in the box by the paper-stand.  The patron said that he figured that it was $1.07 or $1.15 based on the tax.  The cashier said that down in Tennessee we don't tax this stuff like they tax everything in NY.  The patron said he will definitely then be returning to this part of the world.

When I went to pay my wallet opened up and he saw my drivers license.  He looked at me and said sorry about that I did not know you were from NY.  I told him it was fine as I couldn't be happier living there and being taxed.  What I really wanted to say is who do you think pays for the roads that you drove on to get to work today, who do you think is paying for all this security in the airport, who do you think is paying for many things that we all take for granted. 

Living in this country and being part of the community using the Post Office or driving on the roads costs money and we all should be paying our part to pay for it.  We were told when we were there that two of the major camping parks were closed due to lack of funds.  BTW, so should large corporations pay their fair amont of taxes but to me his comments struck a chord with me. 

Why don't we pass a job bill to rebuild our roads, rebuild our bridges, rebuild our schools etc as it will create more jobs and jobs are good for America.  Jobs also pay taxes which pay for the way we live.  I don't get the Americans that believe not paying taxes is a good thing and perhaps I just never will.